Curved Juliet balcony

Curved juliet balcony systems by DioMet Not all juliet balconies are created equal - although the standard design of traditional juliet balcony or balconette will be a straight design, introducing a curve can easily transform the balcony aesthetics and functionality. A curved design juliet balcony

Garden Plant Trellis

DioMet are pleased to have now listed for sale online our unique metal climbing plant trellis framework. The honeycomb design frames can be arranged in a variety of shapes and designs to suit your wall or follow your preferred design shape. Each panel consists of 5no. hexagon shapes which protrude f

External Metal Handrails

Sheffield Council Access Handrails Dio-Met have an ongoing contract with the Sheffield City Council Tennant Association and Kier Services providing external metal access handrails to a wide variety of communal areas and residential properties throughout the South Yorkshire area. The external metal

Etched glass designs

Sandblasted glass patterns in balustrades DioMet have recently completed the survey, design, manufacture and installation of a bespoke glass balustrade system to a domestic property in the Sheffield area. The general balcony system chosen was our very popular stainless steel glass balustrade syste

Walk on balcony Peterborough

Focusing on our customers A recently completed walk on style juliet balcony project has been completed for a customer in Wisbech, Peterborough. Without any prompting, the testimonial review below was supplied to us by email from our client Sam, and it's fair to say she was pleased with both the se

Walk on Glass Flooring

Buying walk on glass floor panels online DioMet offer a range of different walk on glass floor thicknesses and compositions to suit most internal and external applications. We have recently added 33mm thick double laminated option due to popular demand which as usual can be bought online or priced

Glass Mezzanine Balustrade

Creating a glass mezzanine balustrade A room with sufficient height will lend itself nicely to creating a second floor to maximize space, these dual height rooms are popularly known as a mezzanine floor whereby the top floor looks over the one beneath. The upper room can then provide a gallery are

Glass balustrade prices

What is the cost of a glass balustrade? If you're reading this then you probably want to know more about glass balustrade systems, right? There are a number of different glass balustrade systems available, the options are almost limitless however they tend to fall largely into two distinct categor

Structural Calculations

Involving a structural engineer in your balustrade project DioMet work alongside architects, commercial clients, site managers, designers, project managers and members of the public in a range of circumstances- so we are used to dealing with differing levels of expectations and industry knowledge

Steel balustrade railings

Using steel to form balustrade railings The use of steel for railings offers certain advantages over the main alternatives of wood or composite, so whether you are creating a new railing system in your garden or replacing existing fencing or timber balustrades, metal is an excellent material of ch