Glass balustrade prices

What is the cost of a glass balustrade? If you're reading this then you probably want to know more about glass balustrade systems, right? There are a number of different glass balustrade systems available, the options are almost limitless however they tend to fall largely into two distinct categor

Structural Calculations

Involving a structural engineer in your balustrade project DioMet work alongside architects, commercial clients, site managers, designers, project managers and members of the public in a range of circumstances- so we are used to dealing with differing levels of expectations and industry knowledge

Steel balustrade railings

Using steel to form balustrade railings The use of steel for railings offers certain advantages over the main alternatives of wood or composite, so whether you are creating a new railing system in your garden or replacing existing fencing or timber balustrades, metal is an excellent material of ch

Blue Tinted Glass

Feeling blue? The most recent addition to our toughened glass range is our 10mm blue tinted glass which is now available to buy online in standard sizes or as always, can be made to order to any specific customer requirement. Blue tinted glass is often difficult to come by in the architectural gla

Burton Street Foundation

Getting Involved in the Community The Burton Street Foundation are a non-profit community organisation based in Sheffield supporting adults and older children with learning and physical difficulties. The foundation is registered with the 'Friendly Society' and operates in a very similar way to a c

British Metal Fabrication

Here at Dio-Met Fabrications we know the value of our steel and the British steel industry in particular. After all, we’re based in Sheffield, internationally known as a city with a strong reputation for steel production, manipulation and fabrication. The city of Sheffield is our home and has been

Staircases and handrails

Staircase Construction When installing a new staircase, design and cost are usually top of the priority list but there are many elements of the staircase structure to consider. Steel staircases generally comprise treads,stringers, handrails and balustrade railings which make up the bare-bones of t

Apprentice Fabricator Progression

Nurturing the talent of young apprentice fabricators. Working alongside Simons Construction and under the direction of Avanti Architects, Dio-Met Fabrications Ltd are the designated architectural metalworker on the new £40 Million extension to the Sheffield Children's Hospital. DioMet's contract

Walk on floor glass

What is the cost of walk-on floor glass? Walk on floor glass comes in a range of sizes, shapes and specifications so costs will vary. DioMet have two standard thicknesses that can be bought online in some standard sizes or contact us for a bespoke quotation. As a rule of thumb, as at the posted date

External Staircase Prices

How much does an external metal staircase cost? It's a simple question that can often be difficult to find a straight forward answer to, the reason being that most external steel staircases are made to bespoke customer requirements and can come with a number of potential variations. But you just w