Buying a Steel Staircase

Where would you start when looking to buy a metal staircase? More often than not, a staircase is required to be bespoke manufactured in order to fit it's intended location so your starting point will most likely be a metal fabrication company such as DioMet.

Decking Panel Stocks

Back in stock, with a new and improved design! Our metal decking panels are back in stock after a very busy summer and now with an increased height to cover a wider range of applications both internally and externally around the home.

Glass Canopy Systems

Got a question about glass canopies? In this blog we discuss some of the frequently asked questions about our glass canopies

Shop Fitting Services

Shopfitting is the trade associated with fitting-out retail and service shops with equipment, fixtures and fittings to make the store practical, attractive and functional. See how DioMet can assist with your glass shelving, display racks and counters, handrailing, signage and bespoke fabricated fitt

Fire Safety in Construction

The architectural metalwork industry is one where numerous potential fire-hazards can occur so fire-safety precautions are a top priority. Risk assessments and plans are essential for safe working environments and in this blog we discuss spotting hazards, being prepared and the importance of reviewi

Non-Slip Floor Glass

Our walk-on structural floor glass is available with a non-slip treatment and in this blog we discuss how it works, the application, how long it lasts and it's other uses.