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As the British weather improves into summer, it’s a great time to get out into the garden and spend some time enjoying your outdoor space. When the sun is shining, that’s when we start to hang washing out to dry or if you live in Scotland, let the wind do the work and save money on tumble-drying!

 One simple, cost-effective improvement to the garden is to ditch your old rusty clothes line pole and replace with a heavy-duty one and here at DioMet we have introduced a new design to our range which offers the benefit of multi-line set-ups.

Our multi-line clothes post will allow 3no. washing lines to be used simultaneously in a neat and compact design that is not only attractive, but made to last through British engineering with high quality materials and surface treatments. The heavy duty poles are made from galvanized and powdercoated materials that will last outside for over 30 years! No regular painting required.

No more faffing around with those rotary airers and dismaying at the cheap nasty imported rubbish you can find online. Buy British !

heavy duty multi clothes line post online
Multi-Line Clothes Line Post



Washing Line Poles

Dreaming of a garden escape. Winter is fading away, the nights are getting lighter and you are looking at your radiators full of clothes. No doubt the new exercise bike that you used twice in January has also become a solution for drying clothes too and the whole place is ready for that spring cle

Installing a Washing Line Post

How to install a DioMet heavy duty line post. Drying clothes on an outdoor clothes line over the spring and summer months instead of a machine dryer will save money and energy. If using an outdoor washing line system regularly it is best to choose a long-lasting heavy duty line post, here's how to

Traditional Washing Line Posts

Tips for buying a clothes line pole VISIT OUR ONLINE STORE 1. Go heavy or go home. Enough of the flimsy imports and mass produced paper thin poles, you need something that's made to last and a heavy duty line post is the only way forward. Buying a heavy duty line post will ensure your loads of was

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