Stainless Steel


Architectural stainless steel comes in two widely used standard grades 316 and 304 and both have differing applications although the difference is not visible to the naked eye. 

The 304G stainless steel is widely used on indoor projects (except near swimming pools) and 316G on any external works, although some other companies are still using the lesser 304G externally which DioMet does not advise. Steel is naturally corrosive and different elements are added to it in order to make it 'stainless'.

Technically speaking 316G stainless contains 2% molybdenum which makes it more resistant to corrosion in harsh environments than the 304G, especially useful in coastal areas with high winds and salty air. 

One thing to note is that although the products are 'stainless' they are not 'Stain-free' and require regular maintenance to remain looking at their best, as with all products. No excessive cleaning is necessary. See our maintenance section for more info on product care.

Stainless steel in either grade is available in two main finishes; satin polished (brushed) and bright polished (mirror).

Our satin polished stainless steel is done to an exceptional standard and we offer a 320grit minimum polish, basically a very fine brushed modern looking finish rather than a course , rougher look. 

Bright polished stainless is available on request but as its more expensive and now a relatively old-fashioned look, we offer our satin polished stainless as standard on all products. 

Here at DioMet we have our own in-house polishing facilities, another way to ensure absolute quality assurance and speed of turn-around. 

Swimming Pool Fencing

Our new spigot style glass balustrade system has become popular for use around swimming pools and hot-tubs for it's clean, frameless look and ease of installation. Want more info on swimming pool fencing and floor spigot balustrades? See here for our latest example project.