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What is a handrail ?

Simple enough - A handrail is a rail that is designed to be grasped by a persons hand as to provide stability and support. Handrails are most commonly used on staircases for assistance ascending and descending safely to prevent falling or injury. Handrails can also be used on ramps, to access doorways and in bathrooms to prevent any slips on wet flooring.

What types of handrail are available?

There are a number of handrail styles available to buy online. Handrails are usually tubular in design and a standard size of 42mm diameter to conform with most current building regulation stipulations. Our tubular stainless steel handrails come with matching wall fixing brackets that attach to the pre-drilled handrail with simple allen key screws - doing so eliminates any danger of damage during transit. All of DioMets handrails are available in various off the shelf sizes, made in Sheffield, heavy duty construction and made to last. The most popular handrails for use as stair banisters are detailed below :

Stainless steel handrails

DioMets most popular handrails are brushed finish stainless steel which are modern in design and fit into most environments with ease whether it be a new home, traditional setting or an office environment. Our stainless steel handrails are available with plain end caps or multi-grooved end caps for a more luxurious finish. 

Handrail and balustrade components

A variety of stainless steel handrail and glass fittings can be purchased in modular design that can be used to produce a wide range of handrail systems for many different applications. 

Powdercoated steel handrails

Similar in design to the above stainless steel handrails, these rails are made from mild steel and powdercoated to any RAL colour required, most popularly black or white. Each end is capped with a plastic formed bung and these rails are suitable for internal use only. For external use see the below. 

Galvanized and powdercoated steel handrails

Exactly as the above item but the handrails are  galvanized prior to the powdercoating process. Galvanizing protects the handrail from corrosion and allows the handrails to be used in external applications.

Key clamp handrails

Key clamp handrails are a modular system with a variety of applications. The clamp fittings, coupled with galvanized tubing can be used to create handrails, gates, barriers and balustrade systems with limitless options and zero fabrication. DioMet offer a wide range of these fittings and also a full design service if required. 

Key clamp rails are cost effective and time saving solution to an otherwise skilled job.

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