DioMet Fabrications is a Sheffield UK based and family run architectural metalwork company that has been trading for over 25 years.

Here at DioMet we offer a wide range of products that are available to purchase online but at the same time offer exceptional flexibility as the manufacturer. The vast majority of products found on this website are designed and manufactured in house at our workshop in Sheffield. This allows us to offer a bespoke service that can adapt to every customer requirement.

Since the beginning DioMet was predominantly commercially focused, concentrating on providing a full service of survey, design, manufacture and installation and we still continue to do so for major house builders and construction companies across the UK. In recent years DioMet has moved with the times, realising a market for domestic customers who want a fantastic product but at a reasonable price. As we buy in bulk and have hundreds of trade connections we are able to source our raw materials at low prices and can in turn offer budget priced products to the domestic market with no compromise on quality.

Everybody knows that Sheffield has historically been the UK hub for steelwork manufacture, known as the Steel City and this remains the case today. Steelwork is produced in our workshops to an exceptional level that makes us proud to distribute the brand DioMet and attach it to our Sheffield roots. Benefits of our ecommerce website and delivery service allow customers from all over the UK to purchase products at affordable prices without compromise on quality as seen by some inferior imported goods or at the prices of some of our extortionate competitors! 

The recent trend of DIY installations has led to a service which comprises of design, manufacture and delivery to our customers door. All we ask is that basic dimensions are provided, along with pictures if necessary to aid our highly skilled and experience design team. From here we can produce AutoCAD drawings for our customers to check so they can not only see exactly what their chosen product is going to look like, but also to double check all measurements prior to manufacture to ensure the product fits like a glove. 

This DIY tailored service works exceptionally well for our most popular product, stainless steel and glass balustrades. All balustrade and handrail products of this nature are provided in kit form with installation drawings for two main reasons. Firstly, this allows us to dispatch our products to a national audience but secondly it also allows installation of what would otherwise be a skilled job to become DIY friendly. 

Quality and affordability are one side of the coin. Exemplary service is the other. DioMet are a family run business and we know how important it is to provide a service to be proud of which is how we have retained so many existing commercial customers and gained so many new recommendations over the years. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising and we certainly have a service worth talking about! All enquiries are dealt with quickly and professionally and all projects are delivered on time and to the right standard. Our after sales service does not compromise either, we are always at the end of the phone to offer advice on installation and maintenance. See our testimonials : testimonials

Why choose DioMet?

  • Fast, friendly and professional service
  • Family run business for over 25 years
  • Exceptional quality products
  • Vast technical experience
  • Affordable, competitive pricing
  • Choice of service - DIY kit form products or professionally installed.
  • Wide range of manufacturing capabilities
  • Superb reputation for all of the above! 

From a single handrail  to a multi-million pound project we offer the same exceptional service and quality throughout.