Heavy Duty Parallettes



The fitness industry has evolved massively in a relatively short space of time and disciplines such as Cross Fit, Street Workout, Calisthenics and Strength Training are more popular than ever. Strength training often comes with a requirement for more robust equipment than the usual gym store can offer

The most popular gym equipment we sell at the moment is our heavy duty steel parallettes which are ideal for anybody training in any of the above mentioned diciplines or simply wishing to gain some functional strength.

The parallettes come as a pair and are bespoke manufactured in our Sheffield workshop to meet the needs of the strength training industry. Heavy duty steel is used to form the rock solid set of push-up bar parallettes which are fully welded and then powdercoated in a range of colours.

DioMet’s parallettes are sold to individual users and gym instructors / centres around the whole of the UK and popular for obvious reasons – These are not the cheap flimsy rubbish you can buy from your local department store! We powdercoat the push up bars to any colour requested and have done a range of pinks, black, green, blue, orange to suit each individual customer.

Parallette bars might look like something more suited to a gymnast but smart athletes know that bodyweight training will benefit everybody. The precise and controlled movements of calisthenics workouts are an amazing way to build strength and core stability at home.

Workout routines include dips, push ups, V-sits, planche, wall handstands and advanced push up variations. There is of course a wealth of information and training routines available online specifically aimed at users with strength training parallettes and this product will assist with your much desired gym gains!

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Heavy Duty Steel Parallettes



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