Door Protection Hoops

Take the strain out of your door with a Diomet door hoop. Communal doors on residential properties are subject to a higher volume of foot traffic than the average single dwelling. These are subject to increased wear and tear and often are exposed to the risk of being repeatedly over opened or caug

Traditional Washing Line Posts

Tips for buying a clothes line pole VISIT OUR ONLINE STORE 1. Go heavy or go home. Enough of the flimsy imports and mass produced paper thin poles, you need something that's made to last and a heavy duty line post is the only way forward. Buying a heavy duty line post will ensure your loads of was

Thick Toughened Glass

Where to buy thick toughened glass panels? Using toughened glass panels in and around the home and workplace has become a major part of modern, minimalistic living. Opening up dark and dingy offices or creating wonderful glass balustrades and garden features is now within reach of anybody with the

Roof Edge Protection

Sheffield Childrens Hospital Building work is progressing nicely which means it’s time for some architectural metalwork at SCH. The roof edge protection is signed off and looking good. Diomet have supplied a combination of galvanized and powdercoated steel bracketry, laser cut 10mm plate balusters

Made in Sheffield

Sheffield 100 Apprenticeship Scheme – Lewis Holmes - Made in Sheffield. The construction insider regularly reviews the world of the architectural metalworker and emphasizes the skills shortage created over the last 20 years. But did you know, Sheffield City Council have set up a new Apprenticeship

Top Ten Countdown

What’s hot and what’s not for Summer 2016 Diomet’s top 10 downloads this week 10. Jamie Oliver’s glass door canopies seem to filtering off with the rain, hopefully, as Diomet’s T1 and T2 are high and dry at number 10 Downing Street. Must be the referendum looming. 9. The suns

Balconies Direct

Buying a juliet balcony online. Dio-Met Fabrications Ltd have been designing, manufacturing, supplying, delivering and installing juliet balconies for years, since the company's conception some 25+ years ago so it's fair to say, we're pretty damn good at it. The juliet balcony world has changed so

Big Kids Meccano

Get involved with DIY to save money Building a balustrade or handrail system is child's play to anybody with basic DIY or transferrable trade skills. You could save thousands by installing own system from our largely preassembled balustrade kits or go one step further and purchase individual compo

Glass decking balustrade

Using toughened glass to maximize the view It's no secret, the best way to enhance your outdoor decking balustrade is to replace timber or steel spindles with clear toughened glass panels. The process is simple for both new build projects and renovations. Toughened glass will also offer the added

Toughened Glass Cut To Size

Buying bespoke toughened glass panels online Toughened glass prices can be found online in various widths and thicknesses but what about buying glass cut to size? DioMet's ecommerce website lists toughened glass in set sizes for ease of quoting and online purchase but in reality, all our glass is