Enhance your interior with Dio-Met's bespoke wine cellar doors and hinged floor systems, meticulously crafted to embody both sophistication and functionality. Our diverse portfolio spans from ready-to-install units to an exclusive array of made-to-order options, accommodating an assortment of shapes including square, rectangular, and circular configurations. Our specialization doesn't end with standard offerings; we're pioneers in devising tailor-made solutions that cater to the distinctive demands of each client, featuring both manual and automated mechanisms.

Imagine a wine cellar door that transcends the ordinary, complete with integrated ladders or bespoke racking systems, poised to transform your space into a connoisseur's sanctuary. Envision enhanced durability with upgraded materials fit for external application, ensuring your installation withstands the elements while retaining its timeless allure. For those with a penchant for classic elegance, we offer alternatives to glass, such as artisanal timber flooring or luxurious tiles, granting your space a traditional charm with a contemporary edge.

Our commitment to your vision extends globally, with adaptable shipping solutions designed for our international clientele. Further personalize your space with custom color steelwork, adding a layer of uniqueness to your hinged door systems, and complementing your aesthetic preferences.

At Dio-Met, we're not just creators; we're innovators in the realm of architectural glass, regularly pushing the boundaries with our oversized glass floors that defy convention. Recognizing that some spaces demand more than standard dimensions, we expertly engineer expansive glass flooring solutions, seamlessly incorporating hinged or multiple hinged units for ease of access and an added dimension of functionality. These grand installations make a statement, transforming ordinary areas into extraordinary spaces, and creating a dramatic visual connection between levels.

Our oversized hinged glass units are a testament to our mastery of structural integrity and design ingenuity, ensuring safety and durability are never compromised, even on a larger scale. Each colossal panel is a feat of engineering, skillfully balancing aesthetics with structural demands to present a clear expanse that inspires awe while offering practical access solutions. This capability demonstrates our commitment to challenging the status quo and catering to the ambitious visions of our clients, further solidifying Dio-Met's position as a trailblazer in the industry. Whether your project calls for a singular, sweeping hinged panel or multiple interactive units, we have the expertise to realize your grandest designs.

Step beyond the conventional and embrace a world of possibility with Dio-Met. Allow us to assist in crafting an environment that resonates with your style, down to the finest detail. To commence your journey towards a custom solution that’s quintessentially you, reach out to us at 0114 243 9009 or sales@diometonline.co.uk. Your imagination is the only limit.