Our toughened and laminated glass well covers are available in 3 thicknesses, made to measure to the diameter you require :

25.5mm consists 2no. 12mm toughened glass panels

31.5mm consists 2no. 15mm toughened glass panels

33mm consists 3no. 10mm toughened glass panels

Our price shown is for the glass panel only – steel support frameworks can be made to order as required, please contact us for more info. 

Glass Well Cover Extras 

Non-Slip Coating : A clear chemical treatment that has no visual impact on the glass but makes it less slippy underfoot. Glass can of course become very slippy and hazardous so if yours is being walked on frequently, we highly recommend this treatment as a safety precaution. 

Frosted Border : A sandblasted border to the glass well cover, 50mm as standard (ask for other widths) that can be used to hide the underside of the glass where it is seated- especially useful for disguising any silicones or adhesives used to secure the glass in place.


All our toughened glass well covers are made to order and will take approximately 3 weeks to prepare. Once ordered, your glass will go into production and our dispatch team will be in contact to arrange delivery when the item is ready for shipping. 

Every glass well top cover is supplied in laminated glass for safety and can therefore be described as walk-on-glass. The thickness required will depend on size, location, building use and structural support so if in doubt, please contact a structural glass engineer for confirmation.



Glass Well Covers

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