Glass Well Cover FAQ


Glass Well Cover FAQ

Frequently asked questions about toughened and laminated glass well cover and steel frameworks are addressed within this blog. How thick should the glass be? Which frame do I need? What about condensation on the glass……


We set out below our answers to address so of the most frequently asked questions about our walk-on glass well covers and steel support frameworks :

Q1. What type of glass should be used?

To be walked on, any structural glass panel should comprise of a toughened and laminated build up so that if the glass were to break for any reason, the unit would remain intact and provide a safe fall barrier to the drop beneath.

Q2. What thickness of laminated glass should be used?

We offer 3 thicknesses of toughened and laminated glass for our well cover systems; 25.5, 31.5 and 33mm. For domestic applications upto 1000mm, 25mm is usually sufficient and for anything larger, upto 1500mm either the 31.5 or 33mm glass should be used. There is little weight bearing difference between the two larger thicknesses however the 33mm is comprised of 3 layers of glass with 2 laminate interlayers so the ultimate in safety.

Many customers will also over-spec the glass simply for peace of mind, especially if the well has a very large drop beneath. Walking on glass can make some people uneasy at the best of times.

If in any doubt, we recommend you seek advice from a structural engineer.

Q3. Do I need a steel framework?

We supply either the glass on its own, or the glass with an accompanying steel support framework. Most people do indeed choose to use the steel frame however this is not always a ‘necessity’. A steel frame will however provide a solid edge to protect the glass and finish your flooring or paving upto and of course not warp like timber might over time.

We offer 3 main styles of steel support frames for our glass well covers which can be seen in the web listing here : Glass Well Covers.  Most customers opt for Frame A, however we have options to suit differing installation scenarios.

Q4. How long does a glass well cover take to make?

All our glass well covers and steel frameworks are made to order and usually take between 4 and 8 weeks to complete. Lead times can of course vary, so please contact us for up to date estimates.

Q5. Are your glass well covers building regulation compliant?

Every glass well cover we supply uses laminated safety glass, with the thickness varying depending on size and application. For domestic applications within the parameters set out in question 2, all glass is designed to meet the loadings set out in BS EN 1991-1-1: 2002 Actions on Structures being uniform loads of 1.5kN/sqm and 2.0kN concentrated loads.

Each metal framework is fully structurally rated and CE marked to meet the requirements of BS EN 1090 for structural steelwork.

Q6. Where are your products made?

All our steelwork is fabricated in our own workshops in Sheffield and all glass sourced locally from our suppliers in Yorkshire.  

Q7.  Do you have a showroom?

Not yet unfortunately however you are more than welcome to pop by to discuss your requirements, see our fabrication shops (and any work in progress at the time) and view samples of glass and other steelwork products. We regularly have glass well covers and hinged glass floor system being made, so its very likely you will be able to view something similar.

Q8.  How do I know the glass well cover will fit?

For every order we provide a full drawing for approval so you can fully check our proposal prior to manufacture and run this by your installer if necessary.

Q9.  How do I prevent condensation?

Condensation forms on glass in moist environments such as wet water wells so the only way to prevent condensation forming is to get air flowing and to take moisture away. Building vents into your well is sufficient for most applications however more severe cases could consider using an air pump. Picture your bathroom for example, you need an extractor fan to prevent mass build ups of moist air and the forming of mould through excessive condensation.

We can, and do supply glass with a Ritec Clearshield coating to the underside however this will only help condensation to run off, not to stop it forming. Our advice is therefore to treat the root cause of the condensation.

Q10.  Do you install?

Installation is not something we currently offer on our well covers however installation should be simple for most builders, tradespersons or DIYers.

Q11.  Will the glass be slippery?

Glass is a polished finish and inherently slippery. We offer a non slip coating which vastly improves the slip resistance of the glass in dry conditions and improves it in wet conditions. Care should of course be taken when walking on glass, especially wet glass.

Q12.  Can the glass be removed for maintenance?

When ordering a glass well cover and steel framework we supply seating rubbers as standard and offer to supply the unit fully sealed (for our frames A and B). Alternativley the well cover can be supplied loose and you can seal yourself onsite. A gasket or foam could be used if you wish the glass to be regularly removeable –  however our advice is to seal the unit and for very infrequent maintainance (changing a lightbulb below every few years for example) splitting the silicone and resealing is not a big job.  


Get an instant quote or order online your glass well covers and steel frameworks via our webshop : Glass Well Covers



Get in touch with us to discuss your glass well cover requirements on 0114 243 9009 or email us




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