Glass Well Cover FAQ

Glass Well Cover FAQ

Explore answers to frequently asked questions about toughened and laminated glass well covers and steel frameworks in this comprehensive guide.

Q1. What type of glass should I use for well covers?

To ensure safety, well covers should be made of toughened and laminated glass panels. This construction ensures that if the glass were to break, it would remain intact, providing a secure barrier against falls.

Q2. What thickness of laminated glass should I choose?

We offer three thickness options for our well cover systems: 25.5mm, 31.5mm, and 33mm. For domestic applications up to 1000mm, 25mm is typically sufficient. For larger sizes, up to 1500mm, we recommend either the 31.5mm or 33mm glass. While the weight-bearing difference is minimal, the 33mm glass provides an additional layer of safety with its triple-glass and double-laminate construction. If uncertain, consult a structural engineer for guidance.

Q3. Is a steel framework necessary?

While not always a necessity, a steel framework complements the glass well cover, providing durability and stability and aids installation. We offer three main styles of steel support frames, with ‘Frame A’ being the most popular choice. Your selection depends on your specific installation needs.It’s also noteworthy that a steel frame will not warp over time like timber might, so is always a preferred construction material. 

Q4. What is the production lead time for glass well covers?

All our glass well covers and steel frameworks are made to order, typically taking between 4 and 8 weeks to complete. Lead times can vary, so please contact us for the most current estimates.

Q5. Are your glass well covers compliant with building regulations?

Yes, our glass well covers use toughened and laminated safety glass, designed to meet the loadings specified in BS EN 1991-1-1: 2002 for both uniform loads of 1.5kN/sqm and concentrated loads of 2.0kN when the correct thickenss is chosen for its span. Our metal frameworks are fully structurally rated and UKCA marked to meet BS EN 1090 requirements for structural steelwork- a legal requirement for any supplier. 

Q6. Where are your products manufactured?

All our steelwork is fabricated in-house at our workshops in Sheffield, and we source our glass locally from suppliers in Yorkshire.

Q7. Do you have a showroom?

While we don't have a showroom yet, you're welcome to visit us to discuss your requirements, view our fabrication shops, and see samples of glass and steelwork products. We often have glass well covers and hinged glass floor systems in production, providing you with a visual reference.

Q8. How can I ensure the glass well cover will fit?

For every order, we provide a full drawing for your approval, allowing you to review our proposal before manufacturing and consult with your installer if necessary.

Q9. How can I prevent condensation on the glass?

Condensation can be prevented by improving ventilation in moist environments, such as damp wells . You can add vents or use air pumps to reduce moisture buildup. While we offer a Ritec Clearshield coating to help condensation run off and preventing mould growth, addressing the root cause is essential.

Q10. Do you provide installation services for your well covers?

Currently, we do not offer installation services for our well covers. However, installation should be straightforward for most builders, tradespersons, or DIY enthusiasts.

Q11. Is the glass slippery?

Glass inherently has a polished finish and can be slippery. We offer a non-slip coating that significantly improves slip resistance in dry and wet conditions. Nonetheless, caution should always be exercised when walking on glass, especially when it's wet.Our specially treated non-slip glass goes beyond industry norms, achieving an impressive Pendulum Test Value (PTV) of 68, far exceeding the minimum requirement of 36+ for classification as having a low slip risk in dry conditions.

Q12. Can the glass be removed for maintenance?

When ordering a glass well cover and steel framework, we provide seating rubbers as standard and offer to supply the unit fully sealed (for our frames A and B). Alternatively, you can choose a loose well cover and seal it on-site. If you anticipate frequent maintenance, a gasket or foam can be used to make the glass removable, but our recommendation is to seal the unit. For infrequent maintenance, such as changing a lightbulb every few years, resealing the unit is a manageable task.

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