DioMet Express

“We have recently begun adding an express service level option to some of our listings including hinged glass floor systems and glass well covers. Our express service will offer to reduce manufacture lead times and speed up your delivery for urgent orders….”


The reality is that the vast majority of our products are made-to-order and bespoke including all balustrades, balconies, hinged glass floor systems, glass well covers and steel staircases. Each product will go through various stages of production, starting with drawings then on to manufacture, steel treatments, glass tempering and additional treatments, assembly, packaging and either delivery or installation all of which can be a lengthy process.

Our express service level aims to offer a reduced lead time where possible in all areas of design or production that are within our control by working extended hours and weekends where required and requesting favours/ paying for expedited services from our own suppliers where viable.

Whilst any reduced lead-time cannot ever be ‘guaranteed’, we would endeavour to meet any agreed reduced timescales wherever possible to the best of our ability. We often rely on several external processes and suppliers which remain out of our control and thus for any premium paid for such time-reduced service that is not met, such cost would be refunded. 

Our express service is applied to the completion of manufacture only and at which point the goods are ready for either collection or to dispatch for delivery. Any missed delivery once the goods are dispatched through a third-party courier would not be deemed a refundable event. In the unlikely event that goods are significantly damaged or lost by the couriers, requiring remanufacture or significant remedial works any express fee paid would be refunded.

Should the goods be completed and the customer not be ready to accept the goods or uncontactable for any reason, the premium would not be refundable.

All lead times provided for manufacture are from drawing approval – the date on which drawings are approved in writing and manufacture can commence.

Express production is being added as an option to applicable online listings and quoted on some bespoke orders. Whilst we cannot perform miracles, we may be able to shave off a few weeks that might make all the difference to time-sensitive projects.


Get in touch with us to discuss your architectural metalwork and glass requirements on 0114 243 9009 or email us sales@diometonline.co.uk



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