• Stainless Steel Cleaning Kit


Stainless steel cleaning kit for use on various products but sold primarily for use on DioMet balustrades, canopies and handrails to keep them looking at their best for years to come. 

  • Available from stock for quick dispatch
  • Suitable for any grade of stainless steel
  • Removes grease, finger marks, light discoloration and other stains with liquid solutions.
  • Heavier discolouration can be removed with the scotchbright abrasive
  • Free delivery to mainland UK

Although there are numerous generic stainless steel cleaners available, we have been working with stainless steel for 30years and have developed our own system for the best upkeep and maintenance of such products. Our kit includes :

  1. 160ml stainless steel cleaning spray – General cleaning 
  2. 160ml enhanced cleaning solution- More stubborn areas, or those with discolouration
  3. Premium cleaning cloth
  4. Abrasive scotchbright- Used for any larger areas of discolouration or surface contamination (rub in direction of grain for consistent results) 


Stainless steel depends on its passive layer for its corrosion resistance. This is a very thin chromium oxide layer formed on its surface when chromium is present at 10.5% or above. The underlying metal is not corrosion resistant. The passive layer forms spontaneously on a clean surface but can be damaged by iron contamination, airborne particles and particularly chlorides.

Therefore it is imperative that stainless steel is subject to an ongoing maintenance and cleaning program. Remember it is stainLESS, not stainFREE.

Dio-Met recommend a routine cleaning programme for stainless steel every 2 months however some harsh environments would require more regular cleaning such as coastal / high salt areas.

Stainless Steel Cleaning Kit

  • £30.00

  • Inc VAT £25.00

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