Toughened and Laminated Glass Well Covers

Our toughened and laminated glass well covers are available in three thicknesses, made-to-measure to the diameter you require:

  • 25.5mm consists of two 12mm toughened glass panels.
  • 31.5mm consists of two 15mm toughened glass panels.
  • 33mm consists of three 10mm toughened glass panels.

Glass Well Cover FAQs

If you're looking for budget-friendly options, be sure to check out our stock glass panels: Stock Glass

Glass Well Cover Extras

  • Backpainted Border (recommended): Add a back-painted black border to your glass well cover, available in 50mm or 100mm wide as standard (ask for other widths). This option can be used to completely conceal the underside of the glass, especially useful for hiding any silicones or adhesives used to secure the well glass in place.

  • Frosted Border: Choose a sandblasted (frosted) border for your glass well cover, available in 50mm or 100mm wide as standard (ask for other widths). While this finish can still be somewhat transparent, it's occasionally specified by clients; however, our recommendation is painted borders for optimal concealment.

  • Non-Slip Coating: Our Anti-slip glass coating, invisible to the naked eye, makes the glass well slip resistant and typically lasts around 5 years. While it works best when dry, it also significantly improves traction on wet glass, though precautions should still be taken in wet conditions. Our non-slip treated glass well covers go above and beyond industry standards, achieving a Pendulum Test Value (PTV) of 68, far exceeding the minimum requirement of 36+ to be considered low slip risk in dry conditions. 

    Ritec Coating: Applied to the underside of the glass, our Ritec Clearshield coating helps reduce condensation by encouraging it to run off the glass surface easily and prevent mould growth. It won't prevent condensation, so we recommend addressing the root cause, such as introducing vents or air pumps into your well for particularly moist environments.

  • Production Service: Opt for our Express production service, and we'll prioritize your order, working overtime as needed. If we don't meet the agreed timeframe, we'll refund the premium. Our production lead times start from the date of drawing approval. Learn more here: DioMet Express

  • Steel Frameworks: Our steel support frameworks provide a solid mounting structure for your well cover and robust edge for the glass to be paved or floored up to. When ordering a steel frame, we provide seating rubbers to buffer the glass from the frame and optional silicone sealing (for frame A and B only). You can view our frame sections by clicking  VIEW PDF

    • Frame A: Designed to surround the glass and sit onto your structure overlapping the well- The frame allows for tiling or flooring and creating a ‘flush to floor level’ finish. (add 100mm to your internal well diameter for online pricing) 

    • Frame B: Designed to 'drop' into place, supported by the surrounding floor opening. Frame B may require a 5mm lip building in at ground level or wouold stand slightly above the opening, which could pose a minor trip hazard in certain locations. (use exact internal well diameter for online pricing)

    • Frame C: Can be bolted within your well opening, allowing for adjustable height before fixing (use exact internal well diameter for online pricing)

    • No Frame – For our glass only option, please enter your exact glass diameter required for online pricing. 

  • Steel Frameworks and Finishes: Steel frameworks should be powder-coated for internal use in dry conditions and both galvanized and powder-coated when used externally or in moist internal environments. All frameworks supplied are fully structurally rated, meeting UKCA marking regulations under BS EN 1090 – a regulation and legal requirement many suppliers do not adhere to.

All our toughened and laminated glass well covers are made to order. Once ordered, your glass (and frame) will go into production, and our dispatch team will contact you to arrange delivery when the item is ready for shipping.

Every glass well top cover is supplied in laminated glass for safety and can be described as "walk-on-glass" with the appropriate thickness used. The required thickness depends on size, location, building use, and structural support. For domestic use, we recommend 25mm glass for up to 1000mm and thicker glass (31.5mm or 33mm) for larger sizes up to 1400mm to meet the load requirements as specified in BS EN 1991-1-1: 2002: Actions on structures:

  • Uniform load – 1.5kN/m²
  • Concentrated load – 2.0kN

Please consult a structural glass engineer for confirmation if you have any doubts or specific requirements.

For bespoke variations, please contact us.


Glass Well Covers

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