Q - What areas do DioMet service?

A - We work nationwide, installing our metalwork and glass products throughout the UK. DioMet are based in Sheffield, Yorkshire which may not be feasible for a smaller installation on the south coast for example however we dispatch products to the whole of the UK also in DIY friendly kits which generally offers a cost-saving against more local companies.

Q - When will my item be delivered?

A - Please see each products page for relevant delivery timescale, some items are held in stock and some are made to order so delivery times vary. Feel free to contact us on 0114 243 9009 quoting your order reference for an update or email us at sales@diometonline.co.uk 

Q - Can you come out to measure for my handrailing system?

A- We offer a full package from survey to installation however as we are based in Sheffield your proximity and required quantity will determine whether this is feasible. For most scenarios where a DIY balustrade package is required, we ask that you supply pictures and basic dimensions to get us started and we can advise on how to measure the rest. 

Q - Do your products conform to building regulations?

A-  All items are designed to meet building regs for their specific use. For more information on building regs please see here : regulations  or contact your local building authority for clarification.

Q - How long will it take to manufacture my item?

A - Most bespoke items are made-to-measure and are generally manufactured within 3 weeks. Individual lead times will be given upon quotation.

Q - What information do you require to provide a quotation?

A - As much relevant information as possible such as photos, sketches and dimensions dependant on the extent of the job required.

Q - What payment methods do you accept?

A - We accept all major credit and debit cards directly through the site however if you prefer, we can accept payment via BACS transfer, cheque, PayPal or cash at our premises in Sheffield. Items cannot be paid for on delivery. 

Q - Can i cancel my order?

A - If you have ordered a standard product we can cancel the order upon your request however if you have ordered a bespoke product we cannot accept cancellations as they would have no re-sale value. 

Q - Can i make a  direct purchase?

A - We can offer advice and take payments over the phone on 0114 243 9009.

Q - What is galvanised finish and is it suitable for my juliet balcony?

A - We galvanise all external steelwork such as juliet balconies to provide a maintenance free, rust-free finish.

Q - What grade stainless steel do you use?

A - We use G316 Marine grade stainless steel for external applications and G304 stainless steel for internal use.

Q - Are your products simple to install?

A - We supply our systems in DIY kit form and supply all necessary fixings however as with any DIY project, we do not recommend you attempt to install something unless you have previous trade knowledge that can be applied. See our installation page for more details : installation

Q - Can i collect from your workshop?

A - Of course, however as we run a strict health and safety regime, we ask that all collections are pre-arranged.

Q - I need a bespoke glass balustrade system, do i have to pay the balance up front?

A - We can accept 25% deposit to start works however the full balance will need to be paid prior to dispatch or on collection.

Q - How do you deliver glass balustrades?

A - We use pallet couriers to transport the glass and steelwork. Specially designed pallet collars are used to prevent damage to the glass. All pallet deliveries will be kerb-side only. 

Q - Whats the longest handrail you can make?

A- We can make them as long as you require however we can only deliver handrails upto 3.5metres long in one piece, all longer rails will have an internal jointing spigot in them.

Q - Are stainless steel wire balustrades safe for my children?

A - Any wire rope balustrade system should only be used on commercial applications as the horizontal wires form a ladder which children could potentially use to climb. Please ask for more information on these systems.

Q - Can you design a balustrade to suit my stairs?

A - Certainly. We can either measure it or work from your measurements to price or indeed design and fabricate a handrail solution for you.

Q - Do you have a brochure?

A - We do not currently have a brochure for our whole range however more information is available on request per specific item.

Q - How are your prices so much cheaper than your competitors?

A - We work with major building contractors and developers all over the country, this gives us excellent buying power for raw materials and these savings are passed on to our customers.