Wine Cellar Door FAQ

Frequently asked questions about our hinged glass floor / wine cellar door system- do you do automated versions? How deep is the unit? What weight can it withstand? We set out to answer these, and more common questions…..

Glass Well Cover FAQ

Frequently asked questions about toughened and laminated glass well cover and steel frameworks are addressed within this blog. How thick should the glass be? Which frame do I need? What about condensation on the glass……

Bio Ethanol Fireplace

Building an environmentally friendly bio-ethanol fireplace might just be easier than you think and our latest example is a bespoke steel fire insert and feature display which is the centrepiece of our client’s lounge area. Full build pictures included.

Spiral Stair Glass Door

This blog is an update on our bespoke hinged glass unit which was constructed to cover a spiral staircase opening for our customer Lars in Norway. Lars had now completed the installation and kindly provided some completed pictures of the spiral wine cellar door system.

Balcony Extension Wigan

A walk out balcony system is a considerably cheaper way to extend your usable space than a full extension, and of course a much easier process. If you need more external space, or wish to enjoy a coffee with an elevated view of your garden, a walk-out balcony platform might be for you!

Glass Balustrade London

Our stainless steel and glass balustrade systems are popular all year round and our latest example was completed by our client in London. Our glass balustrades are simple to install with basic DIY skills and supplied largely pre-assembled to speed up your project and reduce costs.

Bespoke Stainless Steel Metal Planters

We recently supplied bespoke brushed finish stainless steel garden planter boxes for our customer Matt who was jazzing up his garden area with a few modern and contemporary touches.

Metal Garden Railings

Our most recent installation of metal fencing was completed last week in Yorkshire for a customer wanting to keep her dog secure when let out into the garden. The metal fencing was fabricated from heavy duty steel and finished with a powdercoated paint in light grey.

Juliet Balcony Leicester

This blog features our most recently installed walk-out-juliet balcony which is self-supporting with no posts and retro fitted to our customers property. The juliet balcony design is a basic, traditional railing which provides a low-maintenance solution.

Walk On Floor Glass London

If you’re looking for affordable walk-on floor glass panels, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Dio-Met we offer our structural floor glass panels in 25.5mm, 31.5mm, 33mm and 39mm thick to suit almost any application. Here is our latest floor glass installation blog…..