Meet The Team


In the modern world it's becoming increasingly difficult to speak to a person on the phone, or once you break the auto-attendant barrier, even more difficult to speak to that same person again. Not here! At DioMet we will always answer your calls and you'll be able to speak to the person you need easily without having to jump through hoops- so to help you put a name to a face, here are the mug-shots of our team!

Ok, so we're an odd looking bunch but we assure you we're friendly, knowledgeable and happy to help.



Gerardo Diovisalvi - Director


Ged is the founder of DioMet fabrications Ltd and started the company from nothing way back in 1991, Ged is Italian, hence the surname, and this is where the company name is derived from merging Diovisalvi and Metals.

His background in the industry is second to none and has a wealth of experience to draw on-starting out as a young  apprentice fabricator and working his way up to owning his own business there  is very little Ged doesn't know about all aspects of architectural steelwork.

Ged now predominantly takes life at an easier pace but is still happy to hold the reigns and be a back-seat driver of the business. When not at work he enjoys trying to ski, walking his dogs and relaxing with a glass of vino.


Robert Diovisalvi - Director

No prizes for guessing, son of the great Gerardo. Rob's background is both practical and academical having his degree in Business Property Management at Sheffield Hallam University and worked his way up from shop floor level in the fabrication business.

Rob is a team-player and looks after a number of aspects within the business including sales, marketing, product development, AutoCAD design and estimating.

Outside of work Rob enjoys adventure in most forms including mountain climbing, snowboarding, long distance walking and charity challenges. 



Lee Kempster - Director

Lee's background is as a plater and he came into the business at a fabrication level working on the shop floor and then began a mission of streamlining the workshop and improving working systems in a foreman role.

Having now moved into a managerial role, Less is DioMet's lead commercial estimator and contract manager but is also heavily involved in production planning and business development.

Lee likes nothing more than swanning off on holiday, but who doesn't? He is a very family orientated chap but also enjoys tinkering with cars, shopping with his wife and house building/project managing.



Steve Liversidge - General Manager

Steve is the ultimate all-rounder and has worked alongside Ged for over 18 years-rising up through the business fabricating, installing, contract managing, AutoCAD designing and workshop managing.

Steve has a great eye for detail in engineering and can turn his hand to most tasks within the industry and now plays a key role in DioMet's day to day running, health and safety, training and workforce management.

In his spare time Steve is an excellent snooker player, keen DIY enthusiast, devoted family man and a bit of a singer (apparently) but we've all heard you Steve...



Adam Mabson - Technical Assistant

Adam joined DioMet as an apprentice warehouse operative, showed a great amount of initiative and quickly worked his way into a new predominantly office based role.

Adam manages online sales and guides our customers through the DioMet order process. Adam is technically gifted with the ability to produce detailed product drawings and is receiving in house AutoCAD training to further his skills.  Adam has taken well to technical design and will shortly be embarking on 3D AutoCAD courses to gain his next formal qualification.

Away from work Adam enjoys films, eating out, music and festivals.



Phil Brearley - Draughtsman

Phil joined DioMet as a full-time draughtsman and is heavily involved in the design and fabrication drawings for a number of key projects for our larger commercial clients. Phil has a keen eye for detail and is currently managing all drawing work on our Sheffield Children's Hospital architectural metalwork package of over £380,000.







Sarah Jackson – Dispatch Manager

Sarah is our most recent addition to the team and looks after all areas of product dispatch and logistics and administration of various elements of our quality assurance schemes. If you’ve placed an order with us, you’ll be hearing from Sarah soon! 






Snoop – Office Mascot

Snoop has been a valued member of the DioMet team for over 2 years serving a variety of roles including guarding, playing and occasionally being a good boy. 






At Diomet you will find a family-run business where every member of the team knows how to look after their customers and how to take their craft very seriously. It is a well-established architectural metalwork company based in Sheffield, which has created a solid portfolio of clients thanks to years of hard work and outstanding customer service. Diomet is formed by a highly qualified team of technicians who take care of everything in every step of the process, from the very first idea of the customer to the final product.