Juliet Balcony

Glass and metal juliet balcony information

To see DioMet's range of standard juliet balcony products, sizes and pries please click the image below:

For any bespoke requirements please email us your juliet balcony enquiry or call 0114 243 9009.


Choosing a Juliet balcony balustrade supplier - what to look for?


  1. Are they legal?
  2. Are they reputable?
  3. Is the quality good?
  4. Are they a 'real' company?

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Example juliet balcony balustrade projects completed by DioMet:

Domestic projects - members of the public:

Commercial projects -  trade customers:

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Juliet balcony FAQs

Q. What size Juliet balcony do I need?


A. The way we list and sell our juliet balconies is on the opening size you have. If you cannot see your opening size in the selections, please contact us for a quote on your bespoke size. Our balconies are made larger each side of the opening to achieve a solid fixing.


Q. My opening size is way larger than your maximum size on your listing, can I still have one of your balconies?


A. Certain juliet balconies are limited to the maximum sizes on the listing but a few can be altered to suit with larger handrails so please ask us which one would be suitable for your application and for a quotation.


Q. What does my juliet balcony need to be to be building regulation compliant?


A. The height to the top rail from the internal floor level needs to be 1100mm high. You also have to have no gaps that can fit a 100mm sphere through. On domestic residences they have to take a .074 kN loading, which ours are designed to do and certified accordingly.


Q. I am in need of a balcony quick to pass building control, do you stock any?


A. We do, we stock the basic galvanised Yale version that can also be powder coated but would take a week longer or we sometimes stock the Modern style (stainless steel & glass) but please ask us to see if we have your size in stock.


Q. What is galvanising?


A. Galvanising is the process of applying a protective zinc coating to steel or iron, to prevent rusting. If we know your product will be outside and it will be powder coated, we always galvanise the item first to protect against the elements.


Q. Why would I choose a powder coated version, what is the benefit?


A. The powder coating is there just for aesthetic purposes as the galvanised finish looks more industrial, it is a dull grey that a lot of people won’t like the look of, it Is just there as a protective coating.