Glass Door Canopy

Glass canopy general information

To see DioMet's range of standard glass canopy designs and prices please click the image below.



For any bespoke requirements please email us your glass canopy enquiry or call 0114 243 9009.


Benefits of a glass canopy

  1. Glass is a robust material when compared to GRP or Plastic canopies
  2. Value for money - long lasting materials will pay dividends in the long run
  3. Style and quality - Glass shouts modern and high quality; polycarbonate does not!
  4. Reduced noise levels - Rain bouncing off glass vs plastic is a major consideration.

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Example glass canopy projects completed:


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Glass canopy FAQs

Q. Which glass canopy would be the best for my application?


A. We would need to see some photos of where the canopy would be going but in general the T2 is used if you have a large gap up above the door and the T1 would be if you have little gap above the door and lots of room either side of the door. Other than that it is personal preference.


Q. Do you sell the T1 arms on their own?


A. We do and you can contact us directly to purchase them.


Q. What size canopy do I need?


A. We have detailed drawings in each listing which shows how the canopy sits over certain door sizes. It would be best choosing the canopy to suit your door aperture. If you need a bespoke size, please contact us and we will provide a quote for you.


Q. How does the water drain off?


A. The canopies can be set to a slight angle to drain the water off to the side of your choice. On the T2 canopy, the tie rods can be shortened or lengthened very slightly to allow the water to drain off the front or back.


Q. I need one quick, what are my options?


A. We stock the T1 and the T2 style in the 1440mm overall width ready for dispatch within 1-2 days. Any other style and size will be a 2-3 week lead time.


Q. Are your glass canopies easy to fit?


A. Anyone with reasonable DIY skills along with the help of another person and our provided fitting instructions should be more than capable.


Q. What makes glass better than the Perspex canopies?



A. The glass has a greater loading capacity along with them looking better and less noise when being rained on.