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Are you comparing apples with apples? 

Any structural steelwork product must be UKCA certified to be legal. 

When considering the acquisition of structural products like glass balustrades, staircases, glass floor frameworks or balconies, exercising due diligence prior to making a commitment is paramount. The market is fraught with potential missteps and expensive errors, compounded by the prevalence of non-compliant, and thus unsafe structural products  (Those that are not UKCA certified).

Typically, prospective buyers prioritize cost analysis, seldom questioning the authenticity of the product or the legality of their purchase. However, the notion that "metal is just metal" is a dangerous oversimplification. As of July 1, 2014, legislation mandates that all structural metalwork affixed to a building's fabric must comply with BS EN 1090 standards and include a declaration of performance. Failure to adhere to these standards categorizes the products as counterfeit, and their purchase and installation become unlawful acts. This regulation was formerly under the CE Marking certification, now transitioned fully to the UKCA Marking system. 

DioMet Fabrications Ltd has a storied history spanning three decades in the industry, offering a deep reservoir of expertise and experience. We have meticulously adhered to CE marking protocols since their inception in July 2014, ensuring full compliance with contemporary regulations, and have seamlessly transitioned to the new UKCA Marking framework. Our balconies, balustrades and all other fabricated structural steel products are crafted in strict accordance with pertinent standards and come complete with the requisite Declaration of Performance.

The UKCA certification is not merely a label, but a seal of assurance, underpinned by a rigorous, annually audited process that verifies sustained compliance with established standards. This comprehensive procedure demands an exhaustive review of structural calculations to ensure the utmost precision and reliability of the end products. Furthermore, it mandates the regular calibration of machinery and tooling involved in the manufacturing process, guaranteeing accuracy and consistency in production.

An essential facet of the certification is the proficiency assessment of welders, ensuring their skills are consistently up to the mark, reflecting the best practices and standards in the industry. This aspect underscores the importance of human skill and expertise in the crafting of structural elements, a factor as critical as any technological precision.

Moreover, the UKCA standards enforce a robust quality control system that necessitates complete traceability of all materials used. This requirement is far from a mere bureaucratic formality; it is a safeguard ensuring that every component in a product can be traced back to its origin, thereby securing accountability and quality assurance at each stage of the production chain.

In essence, the UKCA certification is a testament to a company's unwavering commitment to quality, safety, and reliability. It's an intensive process that filters out the chaff, leaving only those dedicated enough to uphold the highest standards in product manufacturing and customer safety. When a provider displays this certification, it's a clear indicator of their dedication not just to compliance, but to the peace of mind and ultimate satisfaction of their clientele.

Our commitment extends beyond providing superior quality products at competitive prices. We serve a broad customer base across the UK, ensuring each client benefits from our unparalleled customer service. Despite our efforts, the market is diluted with entities offering substandard replicas that disregard established standards and protocols. This regrettable situation often ensnares unsuspecting purchasers, leaving them out of pocket and seeking recourse‚ÄĒultimately turning to DioMet for a solution compliant with building regulations, albeit after unnecessary expenditure.

Our stance remains resolute: vigilance in procurement processes is not just prudent; it's essential. The stakes are high, and navigating this landscape requires a partner versed in regulatory adherence, quality assurance, and customer advocacy. In this regard, DioMet stands apart.


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