Cheap Balcony Balustrades


Are you comparing apples with apples? Are those apples legal?


When it comes to buying a structural product such as a glass balustrade, staircase or balcony (your apple)  it is extremely important to do your research before placing an order - there are many pitfalls and costly mistakes to be made- especially with the amount of illegal, unsafe balustrade systems on the market.

The first thing that will spring into anyone’s mind when shopping for a new balustrade will be the cost, not 'am I buying a FAKE product?' and especially not 'am I breaking the law?'. Surely a balustrade is just a balustrade?

Well the simple answer is as of the 1st July 2014 it became a criminal offence to sell ANY structural metalwork product that bolts to the fabric of any building that does not comply to BS EN 1090 and carry a declaration of performance. These products are simply fakes and by purchasing and installing them you are breaking the law. The certification system was previously known as CE Marking, a system that will run until January 2022 and then be superseded by UKCA Marking. 


DioMet Fabrications Ltd have been trading in this industry for over 30 years and have a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw from, we have followed all the correct CE marking procedures since July 2014 in extreme detail in order to comply with the latest regulations and now follow the new UKCA Marking system. All our balcony and glass balustrade systems are fabricated to the relevant standards and supplied with the required Declaration of Performance.


We pitch our high quality products at extremely competitive prices within the balustrade and balcony market and supply across the whole of the UK on a daily basis and accompany this with an unrivaled customer service - there are however numerous companies and individuals cropping up with poor quality replica products that are not made to the correct standards and procedures. It's an unfortunate issue and often a costly one that genuine buyers are falling foul to and end up coming to DioMet for a building regulation compliant product, cap in hand, once it's too late and money has been wasted.


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