Powdercoated Glass Balustrades


Bespoke Balustrade Systems – Choose your own colour.

Here at DioMet we manufacture a wide range of balcony and balustrade designs on a daily basis, many of which include stainless steel framings and feature toughened glass infill panels to give a timeless modern look- this has by far proved our most popular product line in the last 5 years.

Often however, a powdercoated finished product is used to give a fresh visual appeal without looking overly contemporary- these powdercoated balustrades often look best when matched to window and door RAL colours or when used on more traditionally styled properties.

When used externally, the steelwork frames are galvanized to provide a long lasting rust-proof coating, fettled by hand in our workshop to remove any sharp or uneven surfaces and then powdercoated to any colour required giving a smooth, durable finish that requires little to no maintenance.

Below are some recent examples completed towards the end of 2016.

walk out glass balcony
Walk-out Glass Juliet Balcony System With Balustrade
Door access handrail with glass panel
Door Access Handrail


Powdercoated balcony balustrade
Terrace Balcony Balustrade System

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