Horizontal Rod Stainless Balustrade


Stainless steel balustrade with horizontal rods


Dio-Met have recently completed the survey, design, manufacture and installation of various stainless steel balustrade and handrails to a private client’s property in Yorkshire. Our customer Sue came to us with the requirement to remove her existing wobbly, rusting metal rails and replace with something more modern looking and attractive for her garden.

Sue did not want to use a glass balustrade and instead opted for a bespoke horizontal stainless steel metal rod design (similar to a wire balustrade) that would be minimalistic, contemporary and complete with access handrails to the steps to provide functionality.  

The existing metal rails were unsightly and unsafe, being fixed down only with woodscrews and starting to rust. The replacement stainless steel rails used are core-drill and grout fixed into the stone wall providing a solid barrier and finished with cover-roses to complete the design.

A short email from Sue to her order contact Adam following the balustrade installation:

“Hi Adam

Thank you to you and the team for a great job, it looks amazing and we are so pleased with all the work you all did for us.

Kind regards

Sue & Graham”

Completed balustrade pictures below :

 wire rod stainless balustrade uk                       domestic rod balustrade uk

Wire rope rod stainless balustrade uk
Horizontal Stainless Rod Balustrade


 Contact us to see how we can help with your handrail / balustrade requirement 0114 243 9009 sales@diometonline.co.uk

It must also be noted that the handrail / balustrade combination chosen is not usually building regulation compliant for a domestic property due to having gaps larger than 100mm. Our client was made aware of this at point of order.

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