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Skateboard Deterrents in Modern Architecture

Anti-social behaviour is a plague to many urban areas of the UK and local authorities and private landowners alike are fighting back, with creative design. A prominent recent example, known as the Camden Bench was commissioned by the local authority and designed with sloping, anti-graffiti surfaces that would also deter homeless sleeping and skateboarding.

The Camden Bench, while not as obvious as the increasingly popular stainless steel anti-sleeping and anti-skateboard devices, are part of a recent generation of urban architecture designed to influence public behaviour and fall into the category of ‘hostile architecture’.

Skateboarding deterrents can be manufactured in a range of sizes and styles most suited to their application and are now a popular request for companies like DioMet in order to service modern construction techniques. Such devices are however controversial in our modern era, with conflicting opinions from different social segments of the community in which they are installed.

Skateboarders will of course view the skating deterrents with contempt, suggesting the spikes destroy public places and cause to prevent everyday people spending time in the places they enjoy. The other side of the argument is emphasising the value of environmental design in deterring criminal behaviour - a clear subject of debate.  

The availability and popularity of such hostile architecture will often raise the question with a lot of new developments considering ‘who do we want to use this space’ or indeed ‘who do we not want to use this space’.

At DioMet, we simply supply such architectural metalwork devices AKA skatestoppers to our customer requirements but of course understand the wider picture of social controversy being created. What do you think?



Anti-Skateboard Architecture

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