Glass Table, Gates & Splashback


Glass Table, Gates & Splashback

“In this blog we review a small selection of pictures sent to us by happy customers this week including a bespoke glass tabletop, crackle glass kitchen splashback and hinged glass gate to a decked patio area”


Different Uses of Toughened Glass

Crackle Glass Splashback

Our crackle ‘cracked ice’ glass is formed with 3 layers of toughened glass laminated together with the central pane broken to form a unique crackle pattern that remains in place, sandwiched between the other two intact panes. This example project uses the crackle glass panel as a kitchen splashback and is shaped along the top edge to fit perfectly beneath the cooker hood.

The splashback was then spray painted silver on the back side to form an opaque shimmering appearance that reflects light in a unique pattern. Our customer Dave sent the below image once installed :

Crackled glass panels online
Example Crackle Glass Splashback Panel


“I must comment on how easy the order process was from start to finish. Your service level is exceptional and the quality of product is amazing, my wife loves it. Not only that, it was difficult to find any other company to produce the crackle glass at a reasonable cost and build in the cut out required for the cooker hood. Many thanks again, Dave D “

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Crank Shaft Table

Well we’re calling it a crank shaft table but to be honest, we’re not entirely sure what mechanical part we are looking at or what vehicle or machine it has been sourced from- all we know is that this table is unique and it looks great!

Our customer Zoe contacted us for a bespoke piece of clear toughened glass which would be used for a table top. The engine part was cleaned up and our toughened glass was bonded to the top flange at 3 points to provide a stable surface for attachment. The glass tabletop was then shipped over to Zoe in the Isle of Wight.

crank shaft table top glass
Crank Shaft Glass Table 

Glass Patio Balustrade and Gate

Our customer Mark from Sheffield came to use with a requirement for toughened glass panels and stainless steel glass clamps to infill his decking area patio, between existing timber posts. The glass was cut to size based on the provided openings and installed by Mark to complete his DIY project. The balustrade includes a hinged glass gate to the right hand side for safe access which is lockable to keep the kids contained and safely away from the hot tub area.

glass balustrade hinged gate
Toughened Glass Patio Panels and Hinged Gate

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