Metal Juliet Balconies



Choosing a Metal Juliet Balcony

Metal Juliet balconies come in a wide range of designs, shapes and sizes so choosing the right one for you can be a confusing process. We’ll discuss some of the options available for your individual balcony and some of the pitfalls to look out for.

Juliet Balcony Design

Traditional, modern, ornate, basic or elaborate- Juliet balconies are available in such a vast array of designs that it can be difficult to know where to start. Ultimately however this is down to personal preference and budget. A plain, basic balcony would often look at home in most applications whereas a modern stainless steel metal balcony may suit a freshly rendered white wall better than an old stone cottage.

There are numerous standard ‘off the shelf’ design juliet balconies available in our webshop to buy online, or contact us for bespoke variations or alternatives.

Cost of a Balcony

Often one of the most influential considerations to the purchase of a new balcony is the cost – balconies can range from around £175 up to the region of £2,000 dependant of course on the size required and design chosen. Is your balcony one that is simply functional and to make the house safe or one that forms the entrance to a property and requires more of a wow-factor?

Size Matters

Ensuring the balcony you purchase fits is crucial so the old saying ‘measure twice, cut once’ is of great significance. Generally speaking you should take your structural window opening size and have the balcony made to be around 150mm wider each side to gain a substantial fixing. The size or fixing centres may need to vary dependant on the building construction and most appropriate anchor locations. If unsure, ask.


The most popular material choice for a Juliet balcony is either stainless steel or mild steel. Mild steel will be used on the more traditional metal balconies which should then be treated to prevent any corrosion. Dio-Met strongly recommend all mild steel Juliet balconies are galvanized as a minimum and then powdercoated as an option to apply your preferred colour to the balcony. Do not be tempted to just powdercoat the balcony without prior galvanizing as the finish simply won’t last.

Stainless steel balconies are available in either brushed (satin) or mirror polished finish, the latter being recommended for any harsh environments such as coastal or high wind areas.

Balcony Building Regulations

The number one consideration before committing to purchasing a metal balcony is of course that it will be safe. The current regulations dictate that the balcony must be manufactured by a company that is CE marked and compliant to BS EN 1090-1…….and many aren’t! Be particularly careful when buying a balcony online as many traders are not even aware of this regulation and selling illegal products, without the required declaration of performance for building control sign-off.

The basics of being building regulation compliant are height, gaps and structural strength:

Height: A minimum of 1100mm high from the internal floor level

Gaps: No gap in the balcony bigger than 99mm

Strength: For most domestic properties, the balcony must meet a point loading of 0.74kN




              Get in touch with us to discuss your metal juliet balcony requirements on 0114 243 9009 or email 

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