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Recently Asked General Questions

At Dio-Met we supply a wide range of products to both private and trade users and as a result are constantly asked questions covering a multitude of topics about our products and services. Some answers may seem obvious and others more technical but we are always on hand to help our customers. Here are some recent examples  :


Product : Washing line pole and socket

Question : As we will be removing the poles to cut the lawn and at other times possibly, how do you stop the sockets filling up gradually over time?   A cork perhaps!?

Answer : The ground sockets have an open bottom which allows water to drain into the ground however If you intend to remove the washing pole for long periods, we can supply a plastic bung to stop the socket filling up with water or debris. Just specify this request with your order.


Product : Juliet balcony

Question : We have seen a walk-out style Juliet balcony on Pinterest which we like - are you able to provide a quotation for this balcony as per the attached picture?

Answer : Absolutely. We are able to match almost any balcony design you can find online. At DioMet we are specialist fabricators who make bespoke Juliet balconies to order as well as stocking our own standard designs to buy online.


Product : Glass staircase panels

Question : I’m looking for a quote to have glass panels in my staircase. Can this be achieved by taking out the old timber and replacing with a new glass system?

Answer : Yes. We can supply made to measure glass panels to infill the existing timber structure or provide a quotation for a new system entirely which would fix to your existing newel posts once cut down.


Product : Laminated floor glass

Question : Thank you for your quotation. If I ordered today, can these panels be expedited and ready to ship within 1 week?

Answer : Unfortunately not. All our laminated floor glass is made to order and the manufacture process involves toughening, laminating and then the application of non-slip coating all of which will take 2-3 weeks.  


Product : Stainless steel balustrade

Question : I’ve seen your system 1 glass balcony online which I like, are you able to offer this product with square tubes and fittings?

Answer : Yes, our balustrade design can be manufactured using squareline fittings and tubes at an additional cost- simply advise your requirement for a quotation.   


Product : External fire escape staircase

Question : Can you advise how complex the assembly of your staircases is? I have reasonable DIY skills. Would I need any specialist tools?

Answer : We supply staircases in kit form all over the UK and they can be installed by any competent builder or tradesman. They are not 'complicated' but incorrect assembly could prove fatal so if in doubt, we would suggest that you get a professional to install. No specialist tools are required, just those you would expect most builders to have - socket sets, allen keys, hammers, levels etc.


Product : Juliet balcony Birkby

Question : My husband and I are interested in your Birkby Juliet balcony (galvanised and powder coated black finish). Our window opening size is circa 1250mm (exact measurement to be confirmed).  Would the Juliet balcony suitable for the 1200mm opening be large enough? Also, please could you advise on the wall fixings you would recommend for this type of Juliet balcony?

Answer : This balcony design is made to order so the exact size can be increased to suit your opening without any issue. The fixing used will depend entirely on your building’s construction whether timber, concrete, masonry etc. Your installer should be able to advise on the correct type of fixings, or please send an image or detail of the area so we can assist.


Product : Glass well cover

Question : We have discovered a well in our garden that we would like to make a feature of. Can you provide a suitable frame to install the glass?

Answer : Certainly. We supply a range of different made to measure glass well covers and structural frames depending on your application.  



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