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DioMet’s Shopfitting Services

What is shop fitting?

Shopfitting is the trade associated with fitting-out retail and service shops with equipment, fixtures and fittings to make the store practical, attractive and functional. A shop fitting company will design and plan a shop layout and then install the necessary equipment and services to fulfil that design concept.

Shop-fitting can be both internal and external and is most commonly associated with shelving, counters, display units, POS displays and basic furnishings. Most retail corporations now understand the significance of cutting-edge, clever and attractive presentation and therefore often make an effort to stand-out amongst growing competition.

What shop fitting products and services do you offer?

DioMet are not ‘shopfitters’ in the sole sense of the word but rather architectural and glazing specialists. We operate as more of a supplier to the shopfitting trade by designing, manufacturing and occasionally installing associated fixtures and fittings, examples include:

  •   Display unit glass shelving systems
  •   Fabricated display stands and racks
  •   Door Hoops, traffic management rails and handrailing systems
  •   Signage steelwork
  •   Staircase and mezzanine floor glass balustrades
  •   Counter top support frames
  •   Wine glass racks and holders
  •   Door canopies
  •   Much, much more!

How can you help with our shopfitting requirements?

DioMet can manufacture to your drawings or take a concept and design a workable solution- everything is bespoke and made to order. Our wide range of fabrication tooling and machinery, combined with over 25years of experience will assist you in creating the fit-out project you or your client desire.

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