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Balconies are becoming increasingly popular with more people than ever wanting their home to have one. The main reason for this seems to be that so many flats and apartments come without the luxury of a garden but a walk out balcony is ideal for people who just want their own little bit of outdoor space. If you live by the coast then they are relaxing area to sit out and watch the surfers on a wonderful summer’s day and if you live in the city then they are the ideal area to have drinks with friends and watch the world go by.

The Sears Tower in Chicago is the tallest building in America and therefore the Willis Tower Balcony is extremely well known and frequented by thousands of tourists each year. The breathtaking balcony is located on the 103rd floor; it juts out 4 feet and is 1353 feet above the ground. People are wowed by the incredible views and the use of glass allows uninterrupted views. If you want to capture the same effect in your own home for only a fraction of the price then why not order a Walk Out Balcony with Glass Balustrade. You may not be 103 floors up but you will still have a fabulous uninterrupted view of everything going on around you. You can use it like an extra room and have drinks, fire up the BBQ and even watch TV whilst sitting outside.

Another amazing balcony is the Fold Out Balcony known as a Bloomframe. It is the only one of its kind and has won a number of awards. Made out of steel, glass and aluminium it folds down to create a walk out area. As this is a rare design it is not something you could have in your own home but why not try the Glass Juliet Balcony. It transforms your living space, turns a window into a balcony area and lets in air and light.

Balconies, which have previously been something only the rich can afford, are now more popular and more affordable. If you wish to give your home a full make-over or perhaps just want to give it a fresh and contemporary feel then this is something you could install now ready for the summer ahead.

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