• Adjustable handrail connectors

Make your handrail installations a breeze with our Adjustable Handrail End Terminations, designed to provide a seamless and stable connection to wall surfaces with adjustment to your stair angles. This product is readily available for prompt shipment.

Compatible with 42.4mm x 2mm stainless steel handrail tubes, our adjustable wall rose fittings are made from premium 316G stainless steel with a brushed finish, ensuring longevity and aesthetic appeal for both indoor and outdoor applications.

The innovative design of our adjustable stainless steel wall rose flanges accommodates the widely used architectural handrail tube size of 42.4 x 2mm. Installation is straightforward: the internal socket slides into your handrail tube and is firmly secured with a strong metal bond adhesive. With three countersunk holes for wood screws, these flanges enable a neat and secure attachment to your chosen surface with ease. 

Engineered for ease of use, these adjustable wall flange fittings integrate seamlessly into various modular handrail, balustrade, canopy, and balcony designs, as showcased on our website.

At DioMet, we are committed to providing only the highest quality fittings—identical to those we utilize in our bespoke balustrade and handrail systems that are expertly supplied and installed across the UK and further afield.

Adjustable handrail connectors

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