Contemporary Glass Fence in Dorset


Low Level Glass Fencing System

Dio-Met have recently supplied a new low-level glass balustrade system for a customer in Poole, Dorset for DIY installation. The glazed system was required to complete a newly landscaped private garden area with a real luxurious and contemporary vibe.

The glass system used comprises simply of 10mm clear toughened safety glass with 30mm round stainless steel side mounting fixtures. The system is extremely cost effective for the impressive aesthetics achieved and fits perfectly with the theme of the garden.

All the toughened glass was designed into manageable sections to suit the patio run and divided equally to provide symmetry. The glass was made-to-measure and supplied and delivered to site within 3 weeks as requested.

The glass system is decorative only and does not provide a fall barrier that would be required for a higher-level balustrade system – if so, a thicker laminated glass would be used with larger glass clamp patch fixings.

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Low Level Glass Patio Balustrade
glass balustrade in dorset poole
Cost-Effective Balustrade System

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