Bespoke Spiral Stair Shaped Floor Glass

Dio-Met Fabrications Ltd: Manufacturing Bespoke Glass Floor Panels for the Modern Homeowner

When Daniel, a homeowner in London, required a custom shaped glass floor panel and support structure he approached Dio-Met Fabrications Ltd. His vision: a customised glass floor panel that would blend seamlessly with his home's unique spiral staircase radius. 

Daniel's Experience: A Testament to Dio-Met's Excellence

From the onset, Daniel's collaboration with Dio-Met was marked by professionalism and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. In his own words from a Trustpilot review, he described the experience as, "Very easy to deal with. Very flexible and accommodating. I got a bespoke shape glass floor for a good price. I'm very pleased with the result, and I'll come back to Diomet again."

The Distinctive Charm of Dio-Met’s Glass Floor Panels

1. A Vision Brought to Life: Daniel's desire was not just for any glass panel but a unique, tailored design. Dio-Met delivered, crafting a panel that complemented his London home, turning his vision into reality.

2. Light’s Natural Dance: The panels have the inherent ability to bathe spaces in warm, natural light, lending an inviting glow and ambiance, much to the homeowner’s delight.

3. Robust and Refined: Beyond aesthetics, Dio-Met's panels offer strength, with the toughened and laminated glass and powder-coated steel frame standing the test of time and use.

Custom Made Steel Frame and Glass Floor Panel



Tailored to align with the curvature of the spiral staircase, our 'Frame B' design steel framework stands self-sufficiently on the floor joists, anchored with perimeter screws. This design facilitates easy removal of the panel for transporting large items upstairs. The frame boasts a pristine white powder coating, while the glass is a robust 25.5mm, both toughened and laminated, complete with a painted border to hide the neoprene gasket supports. 

The Assurance of UKCA Certification

Safety and quality are paramount. Every Dio-Met structural product carries the UKCA certification, a testimony to its adherence to the UK's stringent standards. While many suppliers sidestep this essential legally required certification, Dio-Met upholds it as a gold standard, ensuring their products are both exceptional and compliant.

A Relationship Beyond Business

More than a supplier, Dio-Met emerged as a partner for Daniel. The firm's approach to design, execution, and after-sales service underlines its ethos of building lasting relationships with clients. The ease of maintenance and the durability of the products only cement this bond further.


Dio-Met offer a range of walk-on floor glass including fixed glass panels, hinged glass floors and glass well covers. View our range of structural glass flooring online here : DioMet Walk-on Glass

Or alternativley, like Daniel, get in touch to discuss any custom requirements 


If you have a walk-over glass flooring requirement for your property, don't hesitate to contact us at 0114 243 9009 or Our team of professionals is always ready to help you create the perfect solution for your space.



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