Disabled Handrails

Diomet Handrail: in respect to the elderlies and their quality of life.


Different from other metalwork companies, Diomet offers a combination of contemporary and traditional metalwork styles to make your home (or office) to be unique as you are.

We are a well-established family business that takes quality and safety very seriously in all products and services that we offer. On top of that, we are the best value for money metalwork supplier with a recorded track of the happiest customers in not only Sheffield but surroundings areas and throughout the UK.

Today we would like to bring to you the importance of handrails. More than 10 million people in the UK are over 65 years old and according to the government projections, this number will nearly double by 2050. As you well know, stairs present the most difficulty to older people and falls are the most common type of injury sustained by the elderly.

Diomet can design and install handrails to homes and offices to provide specific support and stability for elderly people. For example, in the home of a senior during the design and installation, we make sure that the positioning of handrails extend beyond just a stair to allow further assistance. This helps in the stability grip when walking, rising, bending over or even just standing.

Selecting your metalwork suppliers for designing and installing your handrails at home or office is a matter of security as it obviously lowers the risk of injuries. As Diomet has been in the metalwork business for over 25 years, all of our client’s requirements are professionally reviewed from a safety angle so that those requirements are not only addressed but also properly tested and achieved.

As an example, our handrails can be wall or ground fixed depending on the customer requirement and site specifics. We then analyze your handrail requirement in detail and suggest changes if necessary, offering you the safest and highest quality options within your budget.

The materials used in our handrails are sourced with reliable suppliers and engineers who have years of partnership with us. Browse around Diomet website to find out more about all types of design and engineering that we can support you with and remember that one day you will also need a handrail to support you. Therefore, we support you in supporting your future; and we give all our love and respect that our elderlies deserve. Diomet provides you the high quality of a new Industrial Revolution era.

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