Wine Cellar Glass Floor


Wine Cellar Glass Floor

“Installing a glass floor display for your wine cellar is easier than you may think and with our hinged glass floor system, it can be done at a fraction of the price of a spiral wine cellar. Our walk on ‘trap door’ style glass display systems are available from 600mm upto 2000mm wide and all made to order……”


You might have seen them in glossy magazines or Grand Design’s style multi-million pound buildings however creating a glass floor wine cellar display does not have to cost the earth for a moderate sized storage solution. Our hinged glass floor system is therefore accessible to most budgets and available in sizes from 600mm upto 2000mm wide as a single openable unit.

hinged glass wine cellar door floor
1800mm Wide Cellar Display


The hinged floor display can also be installed easily by any competent DIYer or builder and does not require any specialist tools or knowledge as it comes as a fully assembled and operational unit, ready to go. Installation, once the floor cut out has been made, is little more than placing the product into position and sealing in place.

As each hinged glass floor cellar is made to order, our customer’s have complete flexibility over sizing and control over pricing- our online calculator allows for instant pricing and online ordering in sizes to the millimetre to suit your requirements- yet all made entirely bespoke to you in a typical lead time of 4-5 weeks from order.

FAQs :

  • How much does a glass wine cellar door cost?!

We get it, price is imporant, which is why all our prices are displayed clearly online with our price calculator; change the sizes and the price will alter in real time No waiting around. No daft quotataion. So how much do they cost? Anywhere between around £650 and £3,500.

  • Is the glass used safe to walk on?

Absolutely. Our hinged glass floor systems are designed to meet all current loading requirements for domestic applications and the steel support framework is fabricated to BS1090-2 and structurally certified. The glass used is 25.5mm thick toughened and laminated safety glass. 

  • Will the walk-on glass panel scratch?

Although the glass is toughened safety glass and is perfectly suitable to walk over, it should still be treated with care and respect as the glass could potentially scratch- so take care with shoes that may have stones lodged in the tread etc but for general internal use with socks and slippers, there is little concern. Essentially if you would not walk on your nice new carpet in your footwear, do not walk on your glass floor system.

  • Are the wine cellars easy to install?

Installing the glass floor display is very, very simple for any competant person and can usually be completed in less than 10 minutes. 

  • How much wine can the cellar hold?

We answer this question with another question; how deep can you dig!? What happens beneath the wine cellar lid is entirely up to you, so grab a spade and head for Australia. For a moderate wine storage area, anywhere from 300mm to 1000mm deep should usually be plenty, depending of course on the size of panel chosen. 


Get in contact with us to discuss your hinged walk on glass wine cellar display requirements on 0114 243 9009 or email us at




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