Glass Juliet Balconies


Glass Juliet Balconies

“A glass juliet balcony can make a huge difference to the visual appeal of your property so choosing a system that matches your style is of upmost importance, be it modern and contemporary with glass and stainless steel or traditional and ornate with wrought ironwork…..”

Our juliet balcony systems fall into two very distinct categories; those with glass and those without. For today’s blog we focus of our glass juliet balcony options which can be further categorised as below :

Glass only

A ‘glass only’ balcony may also be referred to as a frameless juliet or an infinity balcony- essentially a system whereby structural glass is used without the requirement for any supporting posts or handrails. In order to remain building regulation compliant to BS6180, where no handrails are used; laminated glass is a legal requirement.

Sometimes a handrail will also be used on these frameless juliet balconies, and usually for the simple purpose of perceived safety- many customers will feel much more at ease leaning over the side of a balcony with a physical handrail rather than just a sheet (or sheets when laminated glass is used) of glass.

Examples of our glass only juliet balconies are as below :

Canterbury Balcony

Modern Frameless Juliet Balcony


Framed Glass Juliets

A framed glass balcony will always use a handrail and then have the glazing either supported with upright baluster posts, or where no posts are used a second horizontal base rail can be used for support. In a framed system the glass becomes an infill rather than fully structural in itself, and thus generally requires a thinner specification glass than seen in the frameless glass only systems.

We have multiple options for framed glass juliet balconies including :

Modern Style Glass Balcony

Wide-Span Glass Balcony

Elegance Juliet Balcony

Wembley Glass Juliet


Many of our glass juliet balconies use stainless steel which provides a great pairing with toughened glass and creates a very luxurious product fitting for most homes- it is also a popular choice to have the metalwork powdercoated to match with door and window colour schemes.

All our juliet balconies are available with online pricing and ordering facility for a wide range of designs and sizes although as always, bespoke requests can usually be accommodated. All our metalwork is fabricated in our Sheffield workshop and all glass is sourced locally from Yorkshire suppliers.




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