Hot Dip Galvanising

DioMet offer a wide variety of manufactured steelwork products. Galvanizing is the standard finish we apply to steelwork products that are used externally unless otherwise specified such as our juliet balconies and mild steel balustrade products. 

Hot-Dip Galvanizing is a process that prevents the steel from corroding. Prior to any steelwork being dipped into the galvanizing solution products are submerged in acid to remove any rust and scale to provide a chemically clean surface, the process otherwise known as pickling. Once the steels surface has been cleaned, it's ready to be galvanised.

The zinc solution used in the process is a molten bath heated to around 450 degrees. Once dipped the coating is bonded to the steel,  improves abrasion resistance, becomes maintenance free and corrosion resistant for 25 + years. 

The galvanized finish tends be be an industrial look which is why for more decorative items we recommend going for a galvanized and powdercoated product. 

Although a zinc solution is used in hot-dip galvanizing, the process is not to be confused with a similar method of 'Zinc Plating' which offers less protection against the elements. 

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