Kitewinder Steel Staircase


Custom Steel Staircases: The DioMet Way

In the heart of Sheffield, a city renowned for its rich history in steelwork, DioMet Fabrications Ltd stands as a testament to the durability and adaptability of locally manufactured metalwork. Today, we're spotlighting a recent example from our workshop: a custom steel kitewinder staircas - testament to our dedication to tailored solutions and in-house manufacturing prowess.

This staircase, a carbon mild steel construction, was intricately produced and assembled in our Sheffield workshops. Each step, each turn, is a narrative of precision engineering and design innovation. The kite-winder design, known for its space-saving turns and efficient design, has been brought to life through the meticulous workmanship of our skilled designers and fabricators.

If you have a metal staircase requirement for your property, contact us at 0114 243 9009 or Our team is always here to help you create the perfect stair for your space.


Trial Built Custom Kite Winder Steel Staircase


Trial Built to Perfection

Before a single piece leaves our workshop floor, we undertake a comprehensive trial build. It's an essential step that ensures each staircase segment aligns perfectly, not just in theory but in the tangible world of steel and welds. This example, complete with its robust metal balustrade railings, was assembled within our workshop's controlled environment. This process is more than a mere assembly; it's a rigorous quality control ritual that ensures flawless fitment and unparalleled structural integrity down to the very last bolt. 

From Workshop to Home: Ensuring Seamless Staircase Integration

The trial build serves a dual purpose. It not only certifies full fitment but is also a crucial phase where we gather every necessary fixing, right down to the precise size, ensuring a seamless installation. It's our way of guaranteeing that when we say "tailored," we mean it in every sense of the word – each component is accounted for, and nothing is left to chance.

The Final Touch: Galvanizing and Powder Coating the Stair

Post-trial, the staircase undergoes a transformation through galvanizing and powder coating. This not only fortifies the metal against wear and tear but also adds a finishing aesthetic touch that complements any setting, be it commercial or domestic- although this service will be job specific. 

DioMet: Your Steel Staircase Specialist

At DioMet, we're not just building staircases; we're forging relationships with each weld, with every piece of metal shaped to perfection. We understand that a staircase is more than a functional element; it's a statement piece that reflects the character of the space it occupies. Our commitment to delivering custom, DIY-friendly solutions with exceptional service is as solid as the steel we mold.

From our family to yours, we invite you to experience the robustness, quality, and heritage embedded in each step of a DioMet custom steel staircase. After all, we're not just manufacturers; we're custodians of Sheffield's steelwork legacy, and we craft each staircase with a touch of that enduring spirit as we have done for over 30 years. 


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