Non Slip Glass Treatment


Non Slip Glass

Dio-Met now offer an on-site application service for our non-slip chemical glass treatment and have recently completed a number of projects in London. The anti-slip glass treatment is used for walk on floor glass to make it safer for use.

Glass floors are very much on trend right now, and our toughened and laminated walk on floor glass is more popular than ever. Our anti-slip chemical treatment is an add-on product that we offer for our structural glass floors that until recently was only applied to our own glass in house. We have however now begun to offer this service for customers with existing glass, applying the treatment in-situ.

Why non-slip treatment?

Glass has a flat, smooth surface which is inherently slippery; glass is therefore rather hazardous and presents a health and safety concern which can be drastically reduced with anti-slip treatment.

How is your anti-slip treatment applied?

The method of application is a specialised process which only our trained operatives are able to undertake, with the use of strong chemicals and neutralisers. The treatment is applied wet and then washed off and buffed out to create a non-slip treatment that is invisible to the naked eye.

How long does it last?

Typical usage estimates can expect the treatment to last approximately 5 years- of course this will vary with different level of usage.

How much does it cost?

Cost will vary dependant on location and quantity. As we are based in Sheffield, the charge for application will be affected by travel time and distance. We do however work nationwide. To our knowledge, we are the only company in the UK offering this mobile anti-slip glass treatment.



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