Balustrade Glass


Balustrade Glass

“As there are a number of different glass balustrade designs available, each will require a different style or thickness of toughened glass panel- some need to be laminated glass, some frosted and some thicker than others. Our online shop has various different glass thicknesses and options to choose from”

What Type of Glass?

There are essentially two main types of glass that are used in glass balustrade systems; toughened glass and toughened and laminated glass.

1)      Toughened Glass : As the name suggests, this is glass that has gone through a process of toughening to make it stronger and thus appropriate for a safety guarding system such as a glass balustrade.

2)      Toughened and Laminated Glass : Again as the name suggests- this type of glass comprises two or more panes of toughened glass that are then laminated together to form one single pane that if broken, would remain in place rather than shattering into thousands of pieces. A toughened and laminated glass panel is usually specified in a balustrade system where no handrail is used.

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Example DioMet Glass Balustrade System

What Thickness of Glass?

The thickness of glass used in a balustrade system will depend on a variety of factors but mainly:

1)      Whether it is a framed or frameless balustrade system

2)      Whether a handrail is used or not

3)      Where the balustrade is used – internally or externally

4)      What type of building it is used in (domestic, commercial, industrial)

5)      Whether the balustrade guards a fall in height

The thickness of glass required is sometimes a grey area and many suppliers do not have the wealth of knowledge to be able to advise correctly. When supplying a balustrade system legally, your supplier must be CE Marked to BS 1090-1 and as such should be able to advise you competently.

What other Glass Options Are There?

There are a number of standard options for glass infill panels such as :

1)      Frosted/ Opaque privacy glass

2)      Tinted glass – available in grey, green, bronze or blue tints

3)      Ritec coated glass – a ‘self-cleaning’ finish

4)      Painted glass – done to any RAL colour

5)      Sandblasting – available in full sheets or specific patterns can be imprinted.

6)      Low iron glass – crystal clear glass with no green edges


Need Help?

Our online toughened glass shop has all kinds of styles and thicknesses to order online, in bespoke height and widths. If you need something more complicated with shapes, holes or cuts outs please contact us for assistance.


Get in touch with us to discuss your balustrade glass requirements on 0114 243 9009 or email

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