Crackle Ice Glass


Cracked Ice Glass

What is Cracked Ice Glass?

Also referred to as crackle glass, cracked ice glass is a processed glass finish that is created by laminating together 3 panes of toughened glass and then shattering the middle pane. The shattered central glass panel leaves a cracked ice effect and remains sandwiched between the two other intact panes.

Why Use Crackle Glass?

Good question. We believe the cracked ice effect glass looks pretty darn cool as the broken central pane reflects light in a truly mesmerising way that is unlike any other building material. The crackle effect creates an impressive focal point for any room and offers something completely different to what is available in most retail stores.

Where is Crackle Glass Used?

The options are almost limitless for using crackle glass but it looks most impressive when used in display cabinets, as table top covers and in the kitchen as splashbacks and work surfaces. Adding coloured lighting around the crackle glass also ramps up the aesthetics, creating a genuinely impressive wow-factor in your home.

Due to the manufacture process, the minimum thickness of cracked ice glass that we are able to offer is 13.5mm which comprises 3no. 4mm thick toughened glass panels with 1.5mm laminate interlayers.

Where Can I Buy Crackle glass?

Our crackle glass panels are all made to order and can now be purchased online via this link : Buy Cracked Ice Glass Panels

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Crackle Ice Glass Table


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