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Breathtaking Views Deserve a Safe Embrace: Frameless Glass Balustrade Enhances Sheffield Decking Project

Imagine a raised deck overlooking a picturesque countryside scene. The only thing missing? A glass railing system that complements the view without obstructing it. Here at Dio-Met Fabrications, we recently collaborated with a Sheffield decking company to achieve just that, and the results are stunning.

System 4: Where Safety Meets Style

Our solution? The System 4 frameless glass balustrade. This innovative system combines safety and aesthetics seamlessly:

  • Adjustable base channel: Ensures a quick and easy installation and a flawless finish.
  • 15mm clear toughened glass: Offers exceptional strength and clarity, maximizing the visual connection to the surrounding landscape.
  • 42mm slotted profile stainless steel handrail: Mounted on top of the glass, this handrail provides a comfortable grip and a touch of modern style.
Dio-Met’s Frameless System 4 Glass Balustrade


Uninterrupted Views with a Touch of Security

While the frameless design creates a sense of openness, the client desired an extra layer of security. Understanding this completely, we incorporated a 42mm stainless steel handrail that sits gracefully over the glass. This feature allows users to comfortably lean against it and truly enjoy the view without any worry.

Safety You Can Trust: UK Regulations and Certifications

At Dio-Met, safety is never an afterthought. Our System 4 balustrade is fully tested and compliant with UK building regulations. The installed configuration surpasses safety requirements with:

  • 1100mm height: The minimum required height for user safety on such applications
  • 0.74kN loading per BS6180: Adheres to the British Standard for glass balustrades on domestic, external decks. 

Furthermore, all our balustrades, including System 4, are UKCA certified – a legal requirement for structural balustrades and balconies. This certification signifies our commitment to providing reliable and compliant solutions for our clients.

Frameless Glass Balustrade to External Decking Balcony


The Perfect Blend for Your Outdoor Space

This project exemplifies how functionality and aesthetics can work hand-in-hand. The frameless glass design offers unobstructed views, while the stainless steel handrail provides a secure and stylish touch. As happy as we are with the outcome, the client's satisfaction speaks volumes.

Enhance Your Outdoor Space with Dio-Met Balustrades

Whether you're a homeowner in Sheffield looking to elevate your deck with a breathtaking viewpoint or a decking company seeking a safe and stylish balustrade solution, Dio-Met Fabrications has the answer. Contact us today to discuss your project and discover how we can transform your outdoor space! While this project was installed by our team, we offer supply-only products Nationwide. 



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