Glass Balustrade Gates


A glass balustrade is often installed to raised patio and decked areas of the garden as well as around stairwells to protect falls in height and it’s often a key safety feature to include a matching glass gate in the design.

Why use a glass gate in my balustrade?

The most popular reason to include a gate within a new glass balustrade system is to provide safety, particularly for families with small children or pets :

A low level decked area can provide a ‘containment’ zone that will require access into the garden via a gated entry panel.

A high level balustrade or balcony area with a set of steps or staircase can be enclosed to ensure users or pets cannot fall down, or indeed simply venture down into the areas beyond.

A glass gate can also be lockable and provide an additional element of safety and security to the fenced off area.

What types of glass gate area available?

A glass gate will generally be made to match the glass balustrade system used i.e. constructed from sympathetic materials or similar section sizes. The gate can either be hinged from the last baluster post, off a structural frameless pane of glass or a house wall for example.

For retro-fitted glass gates, a simple pane of glass can be hinged with stainless steel fittings from any solid fixing surface to provide gated access.

Glass gate designs therefore vary dependant on individual customer requirements, see below some recent examples by DioMet :

Glass gates protect river access
Glass gate on decked patio protect children from river below
Safety glass gate patio balustrade
Hinged glass gate prevents access to lower garden
Glass balustrade gate design
Glass gate used in a squareline balustrade system
Patio glass balustrade gates
Double glass gates used in a stainless steel balustrade system securing a steep set of stairs


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