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Unearthing History:  The Story of The Well Guy and DioMet's Glass Well Covers

In the realm of home renovations and historical discoveries, few stories capture the imagination quite like that of Kevin Mort- The Well Guy, a homeowner who became an overnight sensation on TikTok after uncovering a 300-year-old water well beneath his property. This remarkable find, featured in articles by Business Insider and The Daily Mail, not only highlights the hidden treasures lurking beneath our modern lives but also underscores the importance of preserving these relics with a blend of safety and aesthetics. Enter DioMet Fabrications Ltd, a Sheffield-based, family-owned architectural metalwork company with a 30-year legacy in the industry, to assist Kevin with the supply and installation of the glass well cover to complete the feature. 


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Kevin and Ellie Stand Proudly on the Glass Well Cover


When Kevin  embarked on a DIY project to install underfloor heating in his 18th-century home in Audlem, Cheshire, he stumbled upon a hidden piece of history—a 17ft deep well that predated his Georgian house. Rather than concealing this unexpected find, Kevin, with the help of his daughter Ellie, decided to embrace it, turning the well into a remarkable feature of their home. This is where DioMet's expertise came into play, providing a bespoke glass well cover that not only preserved the well's integrity but also showcased it as a stunning visual element in the Mort family's kitchen.The discovery was fully documented on @Mortylad’s Tiktok channel which soon became an internet viral sensation!

The Well Discovery

Kevin, a 48-year-old history enthusiast and amateur metal detectorist, was surprised to find the ancient well lying just inches below his dining table. The discovery was made when his spade hit brick, revealing a rounded structure that was filled with water and had been hidden for centuries. Kevin, along with Ellie, who managed the project, embarked on a laborious restoration process. They removed four skips worth of sludge and rubble, even as Kevin humorously noted that the best treasures they found were a couple of Victorian bottles.

The Restoration

The well was meticulously cleaned and refilled, with its walls built up to match the height of the current floor. Kevin's dedication to preserving the well's history was unwavering, despite the additional £5,000 it added to their renovation costs. The Mort family was determined to honor the well's legacy, which had likely served as a water source for the village when the property functioned as a large coach house.

The DioMet Solution – Making a Feature with a Glass Well Cover

Understanding the importance of integrating this historical feature into their modern home, the Morts turned to DioMet for a solution. DioMet, known for their metalwork and glass craftsmanship and innovative designs, supplied and installed a reinforced glass well cover that allowed the family to safely walk over the well while providing a clear view into the depths below. This installation not only secured the well but also transformed it into a conversation piece, marrying the home's rich history with contemporary design.

The Result – A Well-Impressive Feature

Today, the well stands as a testament to the property's long-standing history, with records of publicans dating back to 1775. The Victorian bottles recovered from the well now serve as unique vases in the kitchen, adding character and a personal touch to the Mort family's home. DioMet's glass cover has ensured that this historical treasure can be appreciated daily, blending the past and present in a seamless and functional manner.

Kevin's wife, Kristina, who grew up in the property, and their daughter Ellie, who has documented their journey, are proud to have conserved a piece of their home's—and the village's—heritage. Thanks to DioMet's expertise, the well is now a protected and cherished feature that highlights the beauty of preserving history in our living spaces.

The Well Guy's viral TikTok page, which showcased the step-by-step uncovering of the ancient well, became a digital sensation, amassing millions of views from intrigued viewers around the globe. This discovery serves as a vivid reminder of our continuous connection to the past and the mysteries that our own homes may hold. However, with great discovery comes great responsibility—the need to safely secure and preserve these historical features without detracting from their inherent beauty or the safety of those around them.

For anyone looking to incorporate historical elements into their home or seeking bespoke glass solutions, DioMet's work on the Mort family's well is a shining example of how functionality and heritage can coexist beautifully.


DioMet's Glass Well Covers


The Glass Well Cover, a key offering from DioMet, is produced in large quantities annually for clients who discover ancient water wells during renovations or while preparing ground for extensions. This product transforms these historical finds into stunning architectural features, highlighting the surprising frequency of such discoveries in property development projects. Our well covers are however always made to order to suit each individual customer as size, shape, design and specification can vary significantly. 

Why Choose DioMet Glass Well Covers?

  • Safety First- UKCA Certified: Each glass well cover is designed to ensure the highest safety standards, protecting families, pets, and wildlife from accidental falls, while seamlessly integrating with your home's design.
  • Bespoke Design: Understanding that no two wells or preferences are alike, DioMet offers custom-made solutions, ensuring that every glass well cover fits perfectly, enhancing your property's unique character.
  • Visual Appeal: By using high-quality, transparent glass, DioMet's well covers allow homeowners to showcase their historical finds without compromising on style or the well's integrity.
  • Durability and Maintenance: Made from toughened, weather-resistant materials, these covers guarantee longevity and are easy to maintain, reflecting DioMet's dedication to offering durable, DIY-friendly services.



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