Our toughened and laminated glass well covers are available in 3 thicknesses, made to measure to the diameter you require :

25.5mm consists 2no. 12mm toughened glass panels

31.5mm consists 2no. 15mm toughened glass panels

33mm consists 3no. 10mm toughened glass panels

Glass Well Cover FAQs

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Glass Well Cover Extras 

Backpainted Border (recommended) : A back-painted border to the glass well cover, 50mm as standard (ask for other widths) that can be used to completely hide the underside of the glass where it is seated- especially useful for disguising any silicones or adhesives used to secure the glass in place. 

Frosted Border : A sandblasted border to the glass well cover, 50mm as standard (ask for other widths) that can be used to disguise the underside of the glass where it is seated- This finish can still be seen through to an extent but is sometimes specified by our clients however our recommendation is painted borders.  

Non Slip Coating : invisible to the naked eye, this chemical treatment makes the glass anti-slip and typically lasts around 5 years. The non slip coating works best when dry, however whilst wet glass is significantly improved with the treatment, it still remains a risk and precautions should be taken where possible in wet conditions.  

Steel Frameworks : Support frameworks will provide a suitable, solid edge to the glass to pave or floor upto. Where a steel frame is ordered, we also provide seating rubbers  to buffer the glass from the frame and silicone seal the glass into the frame (optional for frame A and B only) . Click VIEW PDF button to see our frame sections. 

Frame style A is designed to surround the glass and sit onto your structure and be tiled or floored up. 

Frame B is designed to ‘drop’ into place, taking its support from the surrounding floor opening. Frame B will either need the 5mm lip building into the ground level, or will stand proud of the opening (be aware of minor trip ledge potential). 

Frame C can be bolted within your well opening- such a design can then be raised and lowered as required to the desired height before fixing.

Example drawing is for 25mm glass however framework would be adjusted to suit 31.5 or 33mm glass accordingly. 

When ordering glass only, this will be the size of glass supplied. If a steel framework is ordered, we would provide a full drawing for you to check prior to manufacture but please enter the size of glass required (hole size on frame B or frame C or hole size plus 100mm on frame A


See here for more info on our steel frameworks

Steel frameworks should be powdercoated only for internal use but both galvanized and powdercoated finish when used externally. All frameworks supplied are fully structurally rated as is a legal requirement for such items as per UKCA marking regulations under BS EN 1090 – a regulation many suppliers are not meeting. 

All our toughened and laminated glass well covers are made to order and will take approximately 4-5 weeks to prepare. Once ordered, your glass will go into production and our dispatch team will be in contact to arrange delivery when the item is ready for shipping. 

Every glass well top cover is supplied in laminated glass for safety and can therefore be described as walk-on-glass with the appropriate thickness used. The thickness required will depend on size, location, building use and structural support so if in doubt, please contact a structural glass engineer for confirmation. For domestic use we recommend 25mm glass for upto 1000mm only and thicker glass for anything larger in order to meet the below, as set out in BS EN 1991-1-1 : 2002 : Actions on structures

Uniform load – 1.5kN/m2 
Concentrated load – 2.0kN 



Glass Well Covers

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