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The internet offers a vast array of products for sale from websites all over the world and buying online has become increasingly popular. Buying construction products online can be very rewarding and offer significant savings when compared to buying from often scarce local suppliers.

Every consumer should proceed with caution when making a significant online purchase, always do background checks on the company, look for reviews, check they answer the phones, do a search on the physical premises via a search engine. All these steps can be used to ensure you are buying from a proper company, it is far too easy nowadays to simply set up a fantastic looking website and lure customers into a false sense of security - Lesson 1 - Do your homework! 

Can your online retailer supply a list of trade references? Direct you to work throughout the country to examine? Invite you to see their premises, operation and sample products?

If the answer to any of the above is no, you should strongly question the credentials of the company you are considering making a purchase from. There have been a number of cases where customers have had bad experiences through buying glass balustrades from online retailers and then turn to a more reputable company to pick up the pieces. Here at DioMet we see this time and time again, unfortunately, and can all be attributed to lack of research prior to purchase. 

Other checks :

Packaging and posting costs should be evident up front, as should any payment terms. 

The site should have a security and privacy policy, with a secure online checkout facility. Reputable companies will be open about how they collect data from you and what they do with it, this is how you end up getting your email account full of spam.  Once you're happy to proceed to purchase, ensure that your credit card details are going to be processed using a secure connection. The most common form of secure encryption is known as SSL or Secure Sockets Layer. 

When purchasing full glazed balustrade systems or simply just sections of  toughened glass online it is of significant importance that the company supplies kitemarked, BS standard glass - ultimately this could mean the difference between life and death as a balustrade is generally, ultimately put in place to guard against falling from height. Safety is paramount is and it is well worth an extra few minutes to ensure you are purchasing a reputable product.

One particular example saw a company  (unnamed for legal reasons) supply and install over 100metres of glass balustrade to a well known holiday park. All of the glass was condemned by the main contracor as it was cracking. For those of you who are not in the know, toughened glass will not crack, it will either scratch or shatter into safe pieces. A cracked pane of glass is likely to break, but break into large, dangerously sharp shards. It is speculated that all the glass was brought in from China as a cost saving which went horribly wrong.

 Lesson 2 : If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. 

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