Cheap Toughened Glass


Cheap Toughened Glass- Is There Such a Thing?

“Toughened glass panels are available from a wide range of suppliers online, but what do you need to look out for when purchasing?....and is there such a thing a ‘cheap’ toughened glass? We explore some of the things to look out for when buying toughened glass online”


Dio-Met have been supplying toughened glass panels nationwide for years- we use glass panels in around 80% of our canopies, balustrades and Juliet balconies which get installed into both domestic and commercial premises. The amount of glass that comes through our workshop is now as high as the amount of steel. Our buying power with toughened glass is therefore such that we can offer extremely competitive pricing, passing on savings for glass panels which get delivered all over the UK- but is competitive the same as cheap? It’s all relative. Our toughened glass panels are affordable and competitively priced within the market; some retailers will quote ridiculous prices, and others that seem too cheap- here’s our recommendation on what to look out for :


1)      Polished Edges.

All our glass comes with pre-polished edges which make it not only safe to handle, but also provides a professional finish to the glass edge. Whether or not your glass will have visible edges, it is always highly recommended to ensure the glass edges are polished for safe manual handling and to avoid any ‘shelling’ of the glass edge which can easily occur. Some suppliers offer this service as a chargeable added extra, we do it as standard.

2)      Radius Corners.

Another process we include as standard with all glass panels is CNC radius corners, usually 5mm unless otherwise specified. A radius corner is a neat, even, computer cut ‘smoothing’ that makes the glass safe to handle with no sharp corners and provides a neat, attractive finish. Look out for any supplier offering ‘dubbed’ corners as these are done by hand and roughly sanded off- often uneven, usually rough and unsightly.

3)      Delivery.

Assuming delivery is required- how will your glass be packaged and delivered to ensure it is safely transported? And what unloading assistance will be provided?

Dio-Met deliver glass panels on specially manufactured pallets and dispatch through a dedicated courier network that offers tail-lift delivery. All pallets are safely unloaded as close as is possible to your installation area via pallet-truck. Some suppliers will, without warning arrive and expect you to unload by hand, the entire shipment of glass panels and insist their drivers are not insured to help!- We know, we’ve not only seen it first hand, but heard many horror stories!

4)      Lead Times / Reliability

All glass suppliers should be able to provide an estimated lead time at point of order- some are reliable and some are not- unexpected issues can always arise with any supplier but for peace of mind, it’s always best to check out online reviews from your glass supplier ( feedback on sites like EBay, Google and Amazon are usually excellent indicators of customer feedback and supplier performance)


Check out our online web shop for low iron glass, clear toughened glass, frosted panels, laminated glass, tinted panels and walk on floor glazing. 


Cheap toughened glass online
Example use of Dio-Met Toughened Glass Panels


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