Clothes Line Post FAQs


Clothes Line Post FAQs 

“DioMet have become one of the UK’s leading suppliers of steel clothes posts and wall brackets so in this blog we tackle some of the most frequently asked questions in relation to our heavy duty washing line poles including topics of design, finishes, applications and delivery times”


How soon can I expect delivery after I order?

All our washing line posts are available from stock and dispatched by the next working day. For any bespoke orders, the lead time will vary depending on the particular details but usually around 2 weeks.

What line post designs are available?

Visit our online store to see the range of washing line poles available from stock. The most popular designs are the Ornate and Modern washing poles for fixed lines and our loop and cleat design for raising and lowering lines.

Are the poles easy to install?

Absolutely. Setting up your linepost is a simple DIY task and should take no more than an hour depending on your ground conditions. In its simplest terms, dig a hole and concrete it in.

What height are your line posts?

The majority of our poles are 2.5metres long, giving 2 metres above ground. We also offer some designs in a 3 metre long version. All other sizes are made to order.

What concrete should I use?

We recommend using a fast-setting concrete mix such as Postcrete which will cure in approximately 5 minutes. Do not use the pole for around 24hours after installation to allow the mix to fully set.

Do you make them yourself?

All our washing poles are manufactured at our workshop, right here in Sheffield and dispatched all over the UK.

Can I paint it myself?

Of course. The galvanized finish steelwork can either be left outside as it is or painted by each customer in their preferred colour. We do however offer a powdercoating service that will give a much smoother and longer lasting finish than any brush painted alternative. Our standard paint colour is black, but ask for other colours if you prefer.

Are they one piece of metal?

YES! We do not, and never will joint our washing line poles as it weakens the pole and creates a cranking point in the post. We strongly advise all customers to avoid a two-part pole system.

Are your lineposts heavy duty?

They certainly are. All our posts are a minimum of 2mm thick solid steel and some upto 4mm thick depending on the design. Our posts are made to carry heavy loads and stand the test of time unlike many flimsy imports on the market.

Can I collect?

You are more than welcome to collect your order from our workshop in Sheffield and save on delivery costs.

Do I need a ground socket?

The ground socket is not necessary however is used where the pole is required to be removed, over winter for example. The other use is where the ground is soft soil as the ground socket will provide extra ‘purchase’ when installing into a concrete mix.

Do you dispatch to Scotland / Highlands?

Believe it or not our washing line posts are most popular in Scotland despite the common understanding of the weather conditions up there! We assume this being due to high winds and requiring a solid, heavy duty pole. The Scottish mainland is all covered by our standard delivery however any Highlands or Islands would be charged at an additional rate based on your postcode – please get in touch for a quote.

Please visit our online store to buy our washing line post and accessories


Get in touch with us to discuss your heavy duty washing line post requirements on 0114 243 9009 or email

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