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A Season of Safety and Style: DioMet's Frameless Glass Balustrades

As the festive season approaches, DioMet has once again proven that style and safety can coexist harmoniously. We've recently completed a project in Sheffield, bringing together the warmth of a family home with the sleekness of modern design through the installation of frameless glass balustrades.

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Frameless Glass Balustrade in Sheffield


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Our client, Kriti, desired an unobstructed view from her elevated kitchen to the lounge below, to keep a watchful eye on her playful children. DioMet delivered a solution that not only met her needs but also exceeded expectations. The balustrades installed are constructed from toughened and laminated glass, a requirement where no handrails are used but critical in homes with young ones.

The laminated glass offers an added layer of protection; in the unlikely event of breakage, it is designed to hold together, preventing any dangerous shards from causing harm. This ensures that, even in an accident, the glass would remain intact as a barrier, providing Kriti with the peace of mind every parent seeks.

The frameless design serves a dual purpose – it allows for an unhindered transfer of light between rooms, enhancing the airy and open feel of the space, while also ensuring a seamless visual connection. This thoughtful installation was not just a matter of functionality; it was about creating a safe, bright, and interconnected environment for Kriti's family.

Completed in time for Christmas, this project is a reflection of DioMet's dedication to timely, quality service and the joy of delivering solutions that fit into the lives of our clients so perfectly. The frameless glass balustrades stand as a silent guardian, unimposing yet sturdy, allowing the family to celebrate their festivities with one less worry on their minds.

With DioMet's expertise in surveying, supplying, and installing architectural solutions, every project, much like this one, is a blend of technical experience and the personal touch of a family-run business.

Celebrate with Confidence: DioMet's Architectural Solutions 

internal glass balustrade sheffield
Split Level Home with Safety Glass Balustrade


The images showcase the transformation brought about by the frameless glass balustrades, offering a glimpse into how DioMet integrates safety with aesthetics. It's a portrayal of how our solutions are not just installations but are integral parts of the home, contributing to the festive spirit and the well-being of the families we serve.



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