Information on DioMet glass door canopies and recent blogs of canopy projects completed

Bespoke Glass Canopy

How to buy a bespoke glass canopy? Not all buildings are created equal and as such there is often a requirement to tailor make a glass canopy system that will fit into it's own little jigsaw-piece sized slot - rather than attempting to use a standard design canopy because that's all that is availab

Big Kids Meccano

Get involved with DIY to save money Building a balustrade or handrail system is child's play to anybody with basic DIY or transferrable trade skills. You could save thousands by installing own system from our largely preassembled balustrade kits or go one step further and purchase individual compo

Commercial and Domestic Glass Canopies

Adding a glass canopy to your entrance It's that time of year again when the weather closes in and glass canopy systems take over from balustrades and staircases as our most popular line of work. Why use a DioMet glass canopy? A glass canopy offers many advantages to a commercial or domestic en

Frosted Glass Canopy Oxford

Suspended tie-rod design modern glass canopy designed and installed in Oxford. The canopy features a selection of stainless steel fittings and fixtures with opaque toughened glass cover.

Glass Canopies and Balconies

This new build development by Bloor Homes required numerous glass canopies, juliet balcony rails and metal garden fencing which Dio-Met were contracted to complete over a period of 18months. The project is now finished, see here for completed photos and descriptions.

Glass Canopy Sale

Glass canopies by DioMet Real glass door canopies available in many sizes and styles. 15% OFF until 20th December 2015. Use Coupon Code MAIL15 at the checkout. Single door canopy options Larger glass door designs Bespoke design glass canopies Not found the style or size you need? Contac

Glass Canopy Systems

Got a question about glass canopies? In this blog we discuss some of the frequently asked questions about our glass canopies

Glass Door Canopies in Ranmoor Sheffield

Upgrade your development with Dio-Met's stainless steel and frosted glass door canopies. Recently installed in a unique project in Ranmoor Sheffield, these canopies add a touch of elegance to traditional stone-built homes. Learn more about this project and our custom metalwork solutions on our blog.

Glass Walkway Canopy

Our glass canopies are popular all year round, but particularly so in winter when we get (even) more rain. Why fumble for your keys in the wet when you could be stood beneath an attractive glass door canopy keeping dry, or having a cigarette? This blog shows a recent walkway canopy project in Sheffi

Installing a contemporary glass canopy

Adding a glass canopy to your entrance The addition of a high quality, modern designed, real glass canopy can transform a door, house frontage or office reception so where do you start? Buying a contemporary glass canopy online Buying online is simple and affordable. DioMet have a range of off-the

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