Installing a Steel Staircase


How to Install a Steel Staircase

“The installation process for a steel staircase can be a simple DIY task for basic small-scale metal stairs or require professional installation for more complicated, larger projects. Dio-Met supply, deliver and install a variety of internal and external steel staircases Nationwide”


So you need to install a steel staircase and don’t know where to start? If this is the case, it probably answers your first question in that you should not be undertaking the installation if you are not confident or indeed competent to do so. DIY installation is possible on smaller access stairs and basic instructions can be provided however if in doubt, get the advice of the professionals.

Most steel staircases are manufactured in kit form and assembled on site in-situ. Installation is usually a case of building up the stair in conjunction with the assembly drawings, bolting all sections together loose than then completing a methodical system of lining, levelling and tightening up all fixings. It sounds straight forward and for most tradesmen or DIY enthusiasts that is the case however it is always recommended to have the installation safety checked prior to use.

There are numerous considerations to make for staircase installation, on an individual basis such as access, scaffolding, fixing surfaces, section sizes and weight, offloading areas, lifting equipment, lifting plans, risk assessments, health and safety. Ultimately there is no single solution that fits every staircase and installation is always considered on a project by project basis- the installation time can be anywhere from a few hours for a simple set of steps to weeks for a multi-level complicated system. 

DioMet have been supplying and installing metal staircases nationwide for over 25 years and have a wealth of experience in everything from straight flight steps, multi-level stairs, spiral staircases, kitewinders and many other weird and wonderful designs and we offer the following service options :

1)      Site surveys

2)      Design drawings in AutoCAD or PDF format

3)      Staircase Manufacture with numerous balustrade designs

4)      Painting / galvanizing / powdercoating finishes

5)      Professional staircase installation

6)      Building control certification

7)      Existing stair removal / disposal



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